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Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV 320

Recently updated on October 18th, 2022 at 01:13 pm

Just like other streaming networks, Hulu has its own set of issues. One of the most common issues Hulu owners face is Hulu error code p-dev 320. 

In this issue, you’ll get an error code with the message “We’re having trouble playing this.”

You can face error code p-dev 320 on your smart tv, mobile devices, gaming console, streaming sticks, etc. 

If you’re getting Hulu p-dev 320 on your device, then don’t worry. In this post, we’ll discuss what is causing this and how you can fix Hulu error code p-dev 320 on your device.

Why Are You Getting Hulu Error Code P-DEV 320?

Below, we’ve listed some probable reasons that can cause error codes like p-dev 320 on your device.

  • Miss communication: If there is miscommunication between your Hulu app and network, you can encounter such an error code. Another reason is the communication error between the Hulu servers and the Hulu web player.
  • Network problem: You can also face p-dev320 due to a connectivity issue. If your network is not strong enough, then you can face this error on your device.
  • The problem at Hulu’s End: Hulu outage is also one of the main reasons for error code p-dev 320. In these, you need to wait for Hulu to fix this issue.

Fix Error Code P-DEV 320 (Hulu We’re Having Trouble Playing This)

To fix the error code P-DEV 320, you’ve to relaunch the Hulu app on your device. Here’s how to do it: close the Hulu app, head to the Device’s Settings, and then Force Stop the Hulu app. Afterward, relaunch the app after 10-15 seconds, and the error code P-DEV should be resolved now.

Check for Hulu outage

If there is a technical problem or server outage of Hulu in your area, then you can face the error p-dev320 on your device. In the past, users also faced this issue due to the Hulu server outage in their area. 

To check for Hulu technical issues, you can visit the Downdetector and the Outage.report. These websites keep a close eye on the Hulu outage, and users can also report Hulu problems on this website. 

You can also visit Hulu’s Twitter official page and check for tweets by Hulu or users about the recent error. You can also search for hashtags related to Hulu errors.

If you’re facing this error on your device due to a server outage, then you can contact the Hulu team and ask them for more information about the situation. You can wait for Hulu to fix this issue.

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Perform a Power Cycle of Your Devices

If none of the above steps helped you in fixing the issue, you can try the power cycle of your streaming device and your network device. The power cycle of devices can sometimes fix the error code p-dev320.

  1. Turn off your streaming device and your router.
  2. Now unplug them both from the power socket for 30 seconds.
  3. After that, plug in your router and streaming device.
  4. Start your streaming device, connect it to the Wi-Fi, and check if the error p-dev320 is fixed for you.
power cycle your devices

Fix Internet Connectivity Issue

If you’re wondering why you’re getting error code p-dev 320 on your device? Then make sure to check your internet connection because a slow internet connection can cause many issues in streaming the OTT content on your smart tv or smartphone. 

You can verify a connection error by opening a webpage or by streaming a video on You Tube and if you’re getting issues in streaming video on You Tube, then, follow some basic tips to improve the internet connectivity on your device;

  • Try restarting your router. Restarting your router will clear the internet protocol (IP) and the transmission protocol (TCP). These are temporary data stored by the network devices; clearing these with a restart of your router can fix the connectivity issue.

    To do so, unplug the router from the power outlet, wait for some time, and plug it back in. When the router starts, check if your device’s connectivity issue is fixed.
  • Resetting your router can also fix the internet connection issue on your device. If your connection uses PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), then ensure you have the credential before resetting your router.

    Now take a pointy needle-like object and press the Reset power from the backside of your router for 10 seconds. You’ll see all the lights blinking at the same time, which indicates the process is complete. Now, check if the connectivity issue is fixed on your device.
  • Move your router closer to the streaming device and place it higher than the streaming device to improve internet speed.
  • Disconnect all the other connected devices from your network to improve the internet speed on the streaming device.
  • If possible, connect your device to Wi-Fi via a wired ethernet cable. This will improve the internet speed on the streaming device.
  • Make sure there is no object or wall between the Wi-Fi and the streaming device. Also, remote any magnetic object away from the router to improve the internet connection.

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Check your internet speed

If your internet works fine, then the problem may be with the internet speed. Different streaming services require different speeds. If you are unknown the fact that how much internet speed Hulu requires for streaming content, then you can check below;

  • Movies and TV shows require 1.52mbps for standard definition and 3mbps for high definition.
  • Live streaming requires Up to 8mbps.
  • 4K Ultra HD requires Up to 16 Mbps.
  • Check your internet speed at speedtest before streaming content or performing other steps to fix p-dev320 on your device.

Try other networks

You should try another internet like your friend’s internet or a mobile hotspot to stream Hulu. If you’re able to stream Hulu without facing p-dev320 on another network, then the problem lies with your current network. 

To fix this, you can use another internet connection or try contacting your ISP for help in resolving the issue. 

You can also contact Hulu for additional tips or information about such connectivity issues.

Re-Login the Hulu

Try to sign out of your Hulu account and then re-login the Hulu account. Because if there’s some temporary bug or glitch, then it might be fixed by logging out and re-login the account. 

To log out of your account, 

  • Go to the Profile icon and then head to the Log out
  • After that, log in to your account by entering the credentials.

Stream Hulu on a Different Device

Sometimes a streaming device itself can be the reason behind the Hulu error code p-dev320. 

To check this, you can try Hulu on other devices on the same network. If Hulu works fine on other devices like smartphones or computers, then your previous streaming device is the reason for this issue. In this scenario, you can use different devices to stream Hulu content. 

Another solution is to contact the manufacturer or Hulu to get more information on how you can fix the issue on your specific streaming device.

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Clear the cache and data of Hulu

Some of the affected Hulu users are asking, Why does Hulu keep saying error?” Well, not clearing the cache on time can be the reason. Because when you stream Hulu on your device daily, it generates cache and cookies of your streamed content. 

And, if you do not clear the cache and cookies after a while, you might face errors like p-dev320.

Clear cache on Android device

  1. Go to Settings and tap on apps.
  2. Tap on All Apps and tap on the Hulu app from the list.
  3. Now, tap on Storage. 
  4. Tap on Clear data and then tap on Clear cache.
  5. Tap on OK to confirm it.
clear hulu app cache to fix p-dev320

Clear cache on IOS device

To clear the cache of Hulu on an ios device, locate and delete Hulu from your device and install it again from the app store. Doing this will clear the Hulu data and cache from your device. 

Clear cache on fire TV and fire TV stick

  1. Go to Settings and then Applications.
  2. Go to Manage installed Applications and then Hulu.
  3. Select both options Clear cache and Clear data.


  1. Launch the chrome app.
  2. Now press the Ctrl + Shift + Del button on your keyboard or copy chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and search from the URL box.
  3. In the time range, you’ve to select All time and click on Clear data.
  4. Doing this will clear the cached data and cookies from your chrome browser.
clear browser cache and cookies

If you want a clear cache on any other device, visit google and type how to clear the cache on space and your device name.

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Re-Install the Hulu app

Re-installing the apps works most of the time when you encounter errors like this. And some of the users were able to fix this error code by reinstalling their Hulu app. So, try to fix this error code p-dev 320 by re-installing the apps. If you don’t know how to perform this step, then, 

On Android Device

  • First of all, navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Hulu and tap on Uninstall. (Or, locate Hulu on your device menu or Home Screen, tap, and hold the app until you get options. Go to the App info or Settings, then tap on Uninstall).
  • After uninstalling the app, power off your device, wait for 1 minute and then turn it back on.
  • Now, navigate to the Play Store, search for Hulu, and install it.

On iOS 

  • From your Home Screen, tap and hold at blank space or on the Hulu app until it starts wiggling. Now, tap on the X (upper right corner of the Hulu app) and then tap on Delete.
  • Perform a power cycle on your device and turn it back on after waiting for 1 minute.
  • After rebooting the device, head to the App Store, search Hulu and install it.

On Apple TV (4th generation or later)

  • First, go to Home Screen, highlight the Hulu app > Press and hold the touch surface to enter wiggle mode.
  • After that, press the Play/Pause button on your Apple TV remote > Delete option and press the touch surface to delete the app.
  • Now, after deleting the app. Navigate to the Apple Store and reinstall the Hulu application.

On Vizio Tv

  • Grab your Vizio controller and press the VIA button.
  • Navigate to the Hulu application and press the Yellow Color button.
  • After that, select the Delete Snippet option.
  • Now, move towards the Widget Gallery and locate Hulu
  • And select the Add Widget to My profile.

On Roku

  • First of all, locate the Hulu app. Then, press the Start button or asterisk on your Roku controller and select Remove channel.
  • After removing the channel from Roku, perform a power cycle on your device and turn it back on after 1 minute.
  • Now, navigate to the Roku channel store and locate the Hulu app. Then, select Add channel to re-install the Hulu app.

On Xbox one

  • From the Home Screen, navigate to the Hulu app > Press the Menu button on the Xbox controller > Manage app > Internal > Uninstall.
  • Perform a power cycle on your device by turning it off for a minute.
  • After power cycling, go to the Store, search for Hulu, and reinstall it.

On PS4

  • Navigate to Hulu, press the Triangle button on your PS controller, and select the Delete option.
  • Perform a power cycle on your device by turning it off for a minute.
  • Now, go to the PlayStation store, search for Hulu, and reinstall it.

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Why Does my Hulu Keeps Saying We’re Having Trouble Playing This?

If you haven’t installed the latest version of the Hulu application on your device, then it might be the reason you’re encountering the Hulu error p-dev320. To get rid of this error, check if any latest update is available for Hulu. Follow the steps that are mentioned below;

  • Update the Hulu app on Android phones and tablet 

 Open Google Play Store > search Hulu and tap on Update.

  • Update the Hulu app on Android TV

Go to Apps on the home screen menu > search Hulu and tap on Update (if there’s any).

  • Update the Hulu app on iPhones and iPads

Go to the App Store and  > search Hulu and tap on Update (if there’s any).

  • Update Hulu in 4th generation Apple TV and newer TV

It is effortless to update Hulu on Apple TV; head to the Apple Store and under the Purchased section, and check if any update is available.

  • Update Hulu on the Roku device

To check which Hulu version you are using on the Roku device, go to the Roku home screen and with the Roku remote, go to Hulu apps. You will get the version of the apps of Roku on top. To update, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now go to System.
  3. After that, select System Update.

Now Roku will update the Hulu app if available. 

  • Update Hulu on PlayStation 4

With the help of the controller, go to TV & videos from the XMB menu, select All Apps > and highlight the Hulu tile, and select Options with the controller > Check for Updates.

  • Update Hulu on Xbox one

To update the Hulu app:

  1. Locate the Hulu app with the help of the Xbox one controller.
  2. Select to open it. You’ll get an Update option and an open option if there’s any update.
  3. Choose the Update option to update the Hulu app on Xbox One.

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Wait if a problem occurs from Hulu’s end.

Maybe you are not the only one suffering from this error because sometimes the problem could occur from Hulu’s end, and every user is suffering. You can wait till Hulu fixes this problem. 

You can also contact Hulu support and tell them the error you are facing. Follow the provided instructions because they will guide you better about the error p-dev320.

If you’ve any suggestions, let us know from the comment box and check how to cancel your Hulu subscription.

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