Hisense Roku TV Black Screen Fixed

Encountering Hisense Tv Black Screen, well if you are an old user of Hisense tv then you are already used to these kinds of issues and glitches. No matter how good your tv is, after a while, you’ll start getting issues.

Well, getting a black screen on Hisense tv is so common. Many Hisense users face this problem once on their tv. But you can fix this issue by following the troubleshooting steps and if that doesn’t help you then maybe you’re encountering this issue because of some software or hardware issue or maybe you’re not properly troubleshooting the tv. 

How Do You Fix a Black Screen on a Hisense TV?

Check your tv power state

Before attempting any troubleshooting steps or methods to fix this black screen issue, check your tv’s red light. Because a TV shows the black screen only when it’s not turned on. So, it’ll be better if you check that the power led light would light up while turning on the tv. 

What do I do if my Roku TV is black?

If your Hisense tv is powered with Roku and you’re encountering a black screen on that then this step might help you to overcome this black screen issue and follow this step if you’re having a Hisense smart tv

Power cycle Hisense tv

This method is so simple and can help in fixing this black screen issue, power cycling a tv will drain the residual power from your tv and give a fresh start to the tv, Many of Hisense users were able to fix the black screen by just power-cycling the tv. Sometimes this step fails to resolve the issue in the one go, so follow the step at least 2 times.

  1. Firstly, turn off your Hisense/Hisense Roku tv and.,
  2. Unplug the tv power cord from the power outlet and wait for 10 minutes.
  3. Now, plug the power cord back into the power outlet.
  4. Turn on the tv and, check whether the black is fixed or not.
power cycle your devices

Hope this step helped you out in fixing the black screen and if it’s still there then move on to the other method.

Faulty T-CON Board

Tried power cycling the tv but still, the black screen persists, then there are possibilities that you’re facing this issue because of a faulty T-CON board. Because the occurrence of a black screen is one of the signs of a faulty T-CON board. And if you’re getting black after turning on the tv then check that the tv’s power led is on or not and if it’s not on then, you have to call a technician and ask them to check your t-con board.

Check the wires

Tried power cycling the tv but still, the black screen persists, So, start inspecting the wires because a loose wire can cause black screen issues. If you find any loose wire then insert it into the port properly and if you haven’t found any then unplug all the wires that are connected to the tv and plug them in properly. 

Also, verify that all the cables are working fine. If you find any faulty or damaged wire then replace it quickly and check whether the black screen persists or not.

Why Does My Hisense Roku Tv Have Sound But No Picture?

If you’re getting sound but no picture on your hisense roku tv, then this can be because of a temporary glitch. A technical can be the reason behind black screen on your hisense tv. You can soft power cycle your hisense roku tv to fix hisense roku tv no picture but sound.

What do you do if your Hisense Tv has sound but no picture? If your tv has sound without any picture but you can access settings then this step might help you in fixing this issue. 

First press the following button combination for soft resetting your Hisense roku tv black screen.

  1. Press home on your roku remote 5 times.
  2. Now press the up button once.
  3. Press the rewind button twice.
  4. Then press the fast forward button twice.

This will clear the cache and reset the black screen on your Hisense roku tv. When your tv turns on reset the picture settings by following the steps below.

  1. Press the settings button on your tv and go to picture settings.
  2. Now, navigate to the apply picture settings.
  3. Select the Current source options and, check whether this method fixes the black screen or not, and if not then.
  4. Go to the Reset default picture settings and it will apply the default picture setting on your tv.

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Check for Damaged Backlight on Your Hisense TV 

Tried everything but still not getting any resolution to fix this issue. If you are still not able to fix the black screen then there are some chances that your tv is facing this issue because of poor backlight and poor brightness, so to check and troubleshoot this follow the step given below;

  1. Turn on your Hisense tv and play anything.
  2. Now, switch off all the lights and turn on a flashlight and light it onto your tv screen, check whether the content or anything visible to you or not.
  3. If this makes the content/video visible then this indicates that your tv’s blacklight is damaged.

When there is a fault in the backlight, the picture is not visible and your tv screen goes to the black screen. In this case, replace the backlight from a repair or Hisense service center.

hisense tv backlight not working black screen

Look for HDMI

Maybe you mistakenly choose the wrong HDMI port input and that’s why your Hisense TV starts displaying the black screen. So to change that follow the steps given below;

  1. First of all, go to the back or side panel of the tv and locate the HDMI port, unplug the HDMI cable from the port, and plug it into the 1st or 2nd HDMI port.
  2. Now, press the source button on your Hisense tv remote and select the HDMI port input. 

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Factory Reset Your Hisense TV With Black Screen?

If you’re still getting a black screen on your Hisense roku tv, then factory reset is the last thing that can help you. For factory resetting your Hisense tv follow the steps below.

  1. Press the * option button on your roku remote four times. This will read out the menus so that you can access settings with a black screen on your Hisense roku tv.
  2. Press the home button on your roku remote.
  3. Scroll down and select settings.
  4. Now scroll down and select the system.
  5. Go down and select Advanced system settings. 
  6. Select factory reset.
  7. Scroll down and select factory reset everything.

Now after factory resetting your Hisense tv check if the black screen issue is fixed or not. 

Factory Reset Hisense Roku TV with Black Screen

If the above steps didn’t help you, then you can follow the steps below to factory reset your Hisense roku tv black screen without a remote.

  1. Locate a hole on the back of your Hisense roku tv with a reset label.
  2. Use a pin or paper clip to press and hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds.
  3. Now your Hisense roku tv will factory reset and restart.
hisense roku tv reset button

Now check if the black screen issue is fixed or not on your Hisense roku tv.

Replace TCL TV

If for some reasons you’re facing black screen issue due to hardware problem, like backlight or power board issue. Then you need to purchase a new hisense tv. You can also try buying other smart tvs like vizio or samsung smart tvs, they also offer good feature at a descent price.

Customer Support 

If you’ve tried all the above-mentioned fixes and methods of black screen issue and you’re still facing the issue then customer support is the last hope for you. Contact customer support as soon as possible and their experts will try to solve your problem by sending a technician, offering a new tv or offering a refund against the tv. But all of this depends on the warranty of your tv. Also check our post on how to fix Vizio tv keeps turning off.

Faqs on Hisense Roku TV Black Screen
Why is the red light blinking on my Hisense Tv?

If a red light starts blinking on your Hisense tv then your tv has detected some issue or problem. Maybe there is a short in your tv or there’s some failure in the TV’s motherboard. To fix such issues you need to contact a technician near you or contact the Hisense team for help.

What does it mean when Hisense Tv Screen goes black?

When your Hisense tv screen goes black it means your tv is encountering a black screen issue and it can be fixed by replacing the faulty t-con board. But before doing that you can try power cycling your device for help.

What to do if my tv keeps going black?

You can attempt some troubleshooting steps and power cycling your device is one of the simplest and easiest ways, sometimes a power cycle doesn’t fix your issue in the one go but if you try it for at least then it may fix your black screen issue.

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