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Fix Firestick Keeps Freezing, Buffering and Lagging

Firestick freezing is an issue we faced with our firestick a couple of days ago. We have a firestick 1080p version, while streaming amazon prime the video starts buffering and freezing. We faced the same problem with other apps too like Netflix, Disney plus, etc. This is an annoying issue, so to fix this problem we did some research. During the research, we found the reasons for the firestick freezing, and buffering issue and how you/we can fix it.

Why is Your Firestick Keeps Freezing?

Your firestick can start freezing and buffering due to one of the reasons mentioned below

  • Your firestick memory is full 
  • Your internet stopped working
  • The Internet is slow and firestick is facing a connectivity issue
  • Due to a temporary bug
  • Cache and corrupted data of application and firmware
  • Your firestick is running on an older firmware

These are some of the reasons why your firestick can start lagging and freezing.

How to fix firestick laggy, freezing, and buffering issue

First of all, we’ll ask you to restart your firestick from the settings. If your firestick is lagging due to low memory then it’ll be fixed after the restart. To restart your firestick follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your firestick settings.
  2. Now select my fire TV option.
  3. From here select restart.

Now after restarting your firestick if the freezing issue was caused by the low memory will be resolved.

Perform hard reset/power cycle of firestick

Sometimes you can face this problem due to glitches and temporary bugs in the software. In this case, a power cycle can fix the firestick freezing and lagging problem. To power cycle, your firestick follow the steps below.

  1. Remove the firestick from the tv.
  2. Unplug the charger/adapter from the firestick.
  3. Turn off your tv.
  4. Now, wait for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Turn on your tv and plug in your adapter and connect it to the firestick.
  6. Connect your firestick to the tv.
power cycle firestick

After performing the power cycle, now firestick freezing, the lagging issue will be fixed.

Check Power Supply and Other Power-Related Issues

If your firestick is not getting enough power then it can start freezing and lagging. To fix this problem you need to make sure that your firestick is getting enough power supply. Now to fix this power supply issue make sure that you are using the original adapter that comes with the firestick. If your firestick is getting power from the tv, then use the original adapter to power your firestick. Connect the charger directly to the wall. After implementing these changes check if the firestick freezing and lagging problem are fixed.

Firestick Freezing While Streaming

If you are facing a firestick freezing issue while streaming Netflix, prime video, or any other app. This is happening due to the stored corrupted cache data and internet issues. You can easily fix this problem by clearing the cache and corrupted data by following the steps below.

  1. Open firestick settings.
  2. Now select the applications option.
  3. Open manage installed applications.
  4. Select the application you are facing any issue with.
  5. Now force stops the app.
  6. Now clear cache and clear data.
clear app cache on firestick

Once the process is complete log in to the app and check if the lagging, freezing, and buffering issue is resolved or not.

Check and Fix Your Internet Connection

Slow internet connection and if the internet connection is not stable then your firestick can start freezing. To check the signal strength of your wifi on your firestick follow the steps below.

  1. Open firestick settings.
  2. Select the network option.
  3. Select your wifi network.
  4. Now check the status of your wifi connection.

If the internet is slow then follow the steps for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

  • If you are using a VPN, then turn it off or uninstall it from the firestick.
  • In case the internet is slow or unstable, then you can connect your firestick using an ethernet cable. This will fix the connectivity issue.
  • Place your wifi closer to the firestick to get a better internet connection. We have a detailed guide on how to fix firestick keeps loosing internet connection.

Power Cycle Your Router

Power cycling your router can help in fixing internet connection issues. To power cycle, your internet issue follows the steps below. 

  1. Unplug the router from the power outlet.
  2. Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Plug in your router.

Once the router is booted connect your firestick and now check if the firestick freezing problem is fixed or not.

Tips: Make sure that your firestick is cool. If your firestick is heating then you can face freezing and lagging problems. To fix this make sure your firestick is placed in a cool place. Make sure that the firestick does not come directly in contact with sunlight. Use the original adapter to avoid the firestick heating problem.

Update Your Firestick

If your firestick is running on outdated firmware, then you can face freezing, lagging, and buffering problem. So make sure that your firestick is up to date. To update your firestick follow the steps below.

  1. Open firestick settings and select my fire tv.
  2. Now select the about option.
  3. Select the check for updates option.
  4. Download and install the update.

After updating the firestick, the freezing and buffering issue will be resolved.

Firestick Freezing on Home Screen/Amazon Screen

If your firestick is frozen on the home screen or amazon starting screen, then follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  • Power cycle your firestick following the steps above.
  • Use the original adapter to power your firestick.
  • Remove the firestick from the tv’s HDMI port and connect it to another port.
  • Make sure that your firestick is plugged into the power outlet.

If none of the steps work then factory reset your firestick.

Factory reset your firestick

If your firestick is still freezing and not working, then a factory reset can help you. This will clear all the data from the firestick which can fix the problem. To factory reset your firestick follow the steps below.

  1. On your firestick remote press the back and right direction buttons.
  2. Select continue to factory reset your firestick
  3. After reset follows the on-screen instruction to complete the setup.

Now firestick freezing, buffering, and lagging issues will be resolved.

Contact amazon

If your firestick is still freezing after performing these steps, then contact amazon. The amazon digital and device support team can help you in fixing this problem.

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