Fix Error Code: 232011 (This video cannot be played)

Many users are facing error code:232011 when they try to watch their favorite videos online. This error is related to jwplayer and jwplayer says that this occurs due to “A manifest request was made without proper cross-domain credentials.”. There are many other reasons for the error code: 232011.

Why am I Getting Error Code 232011?

Below we’ve gathered some of the probable causes; check out if any of the causes matches with you.

  1. Use of VPN
  2. You are playing video over a restricted network (eg. School, college, or hospitals)
  3. Corrupted browser cache and cookies can also cause the error 232011
  4. An outdated or incompatible browser.
  5. Incompatible browser extensions.
  6. The issue at the website end from where you’re trying to stream videos.

These are the main reasons behind the error code 232011. Y. You can follow the working tips and tricks to eliminate the “This video cannot be played” erroron your device..

How to fix error code: 232011

We’ve gathered and penned down some of the working solutions that’ll surely help you in resolving the error code 232011 “This video cannot be played” on your browser.

Disable Browser Extensions

Many users have said that they were able to fix this issue by disabling the addons(extensions) from their browsers. Sometimes browsers extensions cause a lot of issues on some websites. If you’re using an extension on your browser then follow the steps to disable or remove them from your browser.

Firefox: Many users on firefox were able to resolve the error code 232011 by disabling their browser extensions. 

  1. Open Firefox and click on the setting icon from the top right side of the screen.
  2. Now from the bottom left side click on extensions and themes.
  3. Choose extensions from the left side of the screen.
  4. Now in the manage your extensions section disable the extension or add-ons one by one to see which one resolves the error code 232011 on your firefox browser.


  1. From the top right side of the screen click on the three dots.
  2. Now scroll down to more tools and choose the extensions option. Or you can simply search chrome://extensions/ from the URL box.
  3. Now try disabling or removing extensions from your browser one by one to fix error code 232011 on chrome browser.

Tips: Sometimes you can face error code: 232011 This video cannot be played because of an error or issue at the website end. In this scenario you perform these troubleshooting steps and if you’re still getting the error try contacting the website admin for help.

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Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Many times clearing cache and cookies on your browser fixes errors like 232011. If you’ve not cleared your browser cookies for a long time then you can face this videos cannot be played on your browser. Clearing these corrupted cookies and cache from your browser will fix the error code 232011. 


  1. Open Chrome browser on your device.
  2. Now press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE on your keyboard to open chrome settings.
  3. In the clear browsing data window selects all-time in the time range and click on the clear data button.
  4. When the cookies and cache are cleared check if the error code 232011 is fixed on your chrome browser.


  1. Open the Firefox browser and click on the Settings icon from the top right side.
  2. From the left side click on privacy and security.
  3. Scroll down to the cookies and site data section and click on the clear data button.
  4. Select cookies and cached data and click on the clear button.
  5. Click on clear now to confirm.

When the cookies and cache are cleared on your browser check if you’re still getting the error code 232011 on your browser.

Disable VPN and Proxy

If you’re using a VPN then you can sometimes face the error code 232011 on some websites. This is because of the communication issue between your browser and the jwplayer. You can simply fix this issue by disabling the VPN and proxy on your desktop.

Delete VPN:

  1. If you’re using a VPN then uninstall it from your desktop to see if that fixes the error code: 232011.
  2. If you’re using a VPN extension on your browser then remove it by following the steps above to fix the video can’t be played on your browser.

Disable proxy:

  1. Press Windows + R to open the run.
  2. Now type inetcpl.cpl and hit enter to option internet options.
  3. Click on the Connections tab and click on LAN settings.
  4. Now make sure “use a proxy server for your LAN” is unchecked and click on ok.

Now check if the error code 232011 is fixed on your device.

How do I fix error code 232011 on PC (Mac and Windows)?

Are you encountering the error code 232001 on your Mac? Try changing the browser on your device. To do so, the below guide will help you. 

Change your browser

Sometimes the browser itself can be a culprit for error 232011 on your device. An incompatible browser or outdated browser can be the reason for this video cannot be played. To fix this issue you follow the below steps.

  1. If you’re using an outdated version browser, then try updating your browser to the latest version to fix the error code: 232011. You can also try uninstalling the browser and installing the latest stable version of the browser from the manufacturer’s website to fix this error on your device.
  2. If the above steps didn’t help you then try using other browsers. You can install other browsers like firefox, edge, opera, safari, etc on your desktop. Many people have reported that they were to play videos on other browsers without facing the error code 232011.
Try incognito mode

If you’re unable to find the reason for the error code 232011 and the above steps didn’t help you. Then try playing the video in the incognito mode of your browser. In the incognito mode, your browser will not pick up cache and other stored information on your device and load a fresh page for you. Extension and other addons are also disabled in the incognito mode. If you’re able to play the video in incognito mode then try reinstalling the browser and remove all the extensions from your browser.

Tips: Try disabling the hardware acceleration on the chrome browser. Go to chrome setting and scroll down to the bottom and click on advanced. Again scroll down and in the system section toggle off use hardware acceleration when available.

Use other networks

If you’re still getting the error code 232011 on your pc, then your network can be the reason for this issue. Sometimes the network can cause such errors on some websites. If you’re on a restricted network (school, hospital, college, etc) then you can face this error on your device. In case you’re on a private network then you can try contacting the network administrator for help in fixing this issue. If you’re getting this issue on your private network, then you can try using other networks like your mobile hotspot. Check If you’re able to fix error code: 232011 on your mobile hotspot or other networks. If you’re not facing this error on other networks then try contacting your isp for help.

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Reset Browser Settings

If nothing is working out for you and you’re still getting the error code 232011, try resetting the browser settings to their default settings. Resetting the browser settings will clear all the saved data and information from your browser. To perform a browser factory reset,


  • Head to the settings of the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and open the drop-down menu.
  • Now, navigate the Reset and Clean up > Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • After that, click on the Reset settings, and your Chrome browser will be reset to its default settings.


  • Head to the Menu> Help and select More Troubleshooting Information.
  • Now, click on Refresh Firefox > Refresh Firefox again to confirm.
  • After that, a list will appear. Click the Finish button.
  • Lastly, select whether you want the Firefox browser to restore all or some windows and tabs and click on the Let’s go! Button.


  • Head to the Safari menu > Preferences.
  • Now, click on the Privacy button > Remove All Website Data (It will ask you if you are sure you want to remove all data stored by websites on your computer).
  • After that, click on Remove Now.

Once you clear the website data, empty the caches as well.

Microsoft Edge

  • Navigate to the Settings of Edge.
  • Now, head to the Reset Settings > Restore settings to their default values.

After that, click on Reset.

If you’ve suggestion to fix error 232011 then do let us know from the comment box and also check how to fix audio renderer error on your pc.

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