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Fix This Video File Cannot Be Played. (Error Code: 102630)

Recently updated on January 10th, 2023 at 02:27 pm

Recently, I was trying to watch an anime on a website. After clicking on the play button I got “this video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630)”. I tried refreshing and playing the show and got the same error message on the screen.

If you are also facing this issue then don’t worry, after reading this post you’ll be able to watch your favorite video without any issues.

Why does it say this video file Cannot be played (error code 102630)?

You can face error code 10260 on the website that uses jwplayer for video playback. This error code means that the source file was removed or deleted by the owner or the host for some reason. In this case you cannot play this file.

You can also face error code 102630 due to a conflict with the browser, cache and data, temporary glitch or due to slow internet connection.

In this post, I’ve shared some steps on how you can fix the error code 102630 on your device.

How do I fix error code: 102630?

Check your internet connection

check internet connection

First of all, let’s eliminate the obvious reason. The most common reason for error code 102630 is a slow internet connection or a connectivity issue. To check this you can open other streaming services like youtube and check if the internet is working or not. If the internet is working and still you’re getting the error then you can try closing your browser. Close your browser and reopen and try to play the video. Also, try refreshing the page this can help you in fixing the error code 102630. I was able to fix error 232011 with a simple refresh. The video was working fine after that. So you can try out these common fixes to eliminate jwplayer error code 102630 on your device.

Update Firefox Browser

update firefox browser

Using an outdated browser can cause such an issue on your device. To fix this error code 102630 you can try updating your firefox browser by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines from the top right corner.
  2. Now click on about firefox.
  3. Now check for updates, if there’s an update available then install it on your device.
  4. After updating your browser check if you’re able to play video or not.
  5. If you’re on android or iPhone go to the play or app store then update your firefox browser from there.

Launch Firefox in troubleshoot mode

Try playing the video using the firefox troubleshoot mode. If you’re able to play video in the safe mode then there must be a browser extension behind the error code 102630 on your device. To launch firefox in troubleshoot mode follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the three horizon lines then click on help.
  2. Now click troubleshoot mode.
  3. Try playing the video the same video again.
launch firefox in troubleshoot mode

If you’re able to play the video then you can try removing the add-ons to fix the error code 102630.

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Disable firefox extension

Many users have said that removing the firefox add-ons fixed the error code 102630 this video file cannot be played on their device. You can also try removing the firefox add-ons to fix this error on your device:

  1. Click on the three horizon lines from the top right side.
  2. Click on add-ons and themes. Or you can press shortcut ctrl+shift+a.
  3. Now click on the toggle next to add-ons to disable the extension.
  4. After disabling the extension check if you’re able to play video or not.

Disable firefox hardware acceleration

disable firefox hardware acceleration

Sometimes disabling the hardware acceleration can help in removing jwplayer error code 102630 on your firefox browser. To disable hardware acceleration follow the steps below.

  1. Click on three horizon lines.
  2. Now click on options.
  3. Scroll down to the performance section.
  4. Now uncheck use hardware acceleration when available.
  5. Now select use recommended performance settings.
  6. After applying these settings close your firefox and open it again.

Now check if you’re able to play video on your firefox browser or not

Clean Reinstall Firefox Browser

If you’re still getting the error code 102630 on your firefox browser, then a clean reinstall can help. A clean reinstallation of the firefox browser can help in fixing this issue on your device.

  1. Press windows+ I to open windows settings and click on apps.
  2. Now click on apps and features and locate the firefox browser from the list.
  3. Click on Firefox and then click on uninstall.
  4. Now press win + r and type and search %appdata% and hit enter.
  5. Now right click on the Mozilla folder and click on delete.
  6. Go to the firefox website and from there download and install the latest version of the Firefox browser on your device.

After doing a clean reinstall of firefox check if the error code 102630 is fixed on your firefox browser.

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What if you’re still getting error code 102630

If you’re still getting the error code 102630 on the browser then there are some things you can try. First thing is that the source is missing. In this case, the media file is missing or linked incorrectly and you cannot do anything about it. You can try reporting it to the website owner from the contact us section or try searching for the same content on other platforms.

Try using other browsers like chrome, edge, brave. Some users have reported that they were able to watch the same video on other browsers like chrome. You can also try using other browsers to stream video without facing error 102630.

If you’re using codecs, then it can sometimes cause error code 102630. To fix this issue you can try resetting the codecs to fix this video file cannot be played error code 102630. If this post helped you then you can also check our post on how to fix error code 224003.

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