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Echo Dot Keeps Cutting Out Fixed

Amazon Echo Dot is a very known smart speaker in the market. Echo dot is capable of connecting with multiple devices and syncing them so that you can control them using one device or even create a playlist using a voice command. However, you might encounter some issues with your Echo Dot.

Are you experiencing the “Echo dot keeps cutting out” issue on your Amazon Echo Dot device? It is disappointing when your speaker cuts out in the middle of a conversation or when you are listening to music. You are at the right place if you are searching for a fix or any answers.

In today’s post, we’ll cover all the possible reasons behind the occurrence of “Echo Dot keeps cutting out” and the ways to fix this issue.

Why does Echo Dot keeps cutting out?

There could be several reasons, but you may encounter the “Echo dot keeps cutting out” issue due to one of the reasons we’ve mentioned below.

  • Weak WiFi signals: If your WiFi signal is weak or fluctuating, then you may encounter the “Echo Dot keeps cutting out” issue,
  • Insufficient Power Supply: There are possibilities that your Amazon echo dot isn’t getting the adequate power supply.
  • Software problems: A bug in an echo dot software or other software problems can cause such errors.

How to fix Echo Dot keeps cutting out?

Are you worried about how to fix the issue? You don’t need to worry at all. Well, we’ve gathered and penned down the best ways to resolve the “Cutting out” problem on your Echo Dot device.

Before moving on to the fixes, ensure these things;

  • Echo Dot is at least 20 cm away from walls and devices which cause interference (like microwaves and baby monitors).
  • If you’re using a WiFI extender, turn it off and connect your Echo Dot with WiFi again.

Restart Echo Dot

Let’s begin with the evergreen fix to resolve your issue. Sometimes echo dot pauses, stops responding, and cuts out because of a software bug. To get this fix, restart your echo dot device.

  1. Unplug the power adapter of both Echo Dot and router from the wall outlet.
  2. Now, turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on your phone and the other audio devices.
  3. After that, wait for about 10 seconds
  4. Lastly, plug in your Echo Dot and router back into the wall outlet and turn on all your devices again.

Check to see if performing the restart on echo dot resolves the issue or not. If not, move on to the following fixes.

Relocate Echo Dot

If restarting the echo dot fails, try repositioning your Echo Dot. Why do I need to reposition my echo dot? Well, to get strong WiFi signals. There were some instances where interference of an obstacle between the WiFi and device led to such connection errors. To get this fixed, try to remove the obstacles between the echo dot and the WiFi router.

If removing the obstacles doesn’t work, try to relocate the Echo Dot position, try placing the Echo Dot in a vacant area.

Change the WiFi Router Band

Does your WiFi Router have a dual-band frequency? To which band your Echo Dot is connected? Either is 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Amazon Echo Dot devices can connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Usually, our devices auto-connect to the 2.4GHz band, but we recommend you connect your echo dot to 5GHz.

Why is it better to switch the 5GHz band over a 2.4 band? Well, 5GHz is a newer band, and it has the potential to cut through the network disturbance and interference to maximize the performance of the network as compared to 2.4GHz. You most likely encounter the network problem on a 2.4GHz band, and when there’s a weak WiFi signal or fluctuations in a network, you may experience such an error on your Echo Dot. So, it’ll be better to connect your Echo Dot to the 5GHz band.

Now, the question comes, how to change the WiFi Router Band on Echo Dot.

You can easily change the WiFi Network on your Echo Dot. To do so, follow the steps given below;

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone and tap on the Devices.
  2. Now, select your Echo Dot and navigate to the Device Settings.
  3. Head to the Wireless section and tap on WiFi Network, then tap on Change.
  4. Continue to enter the Echo setup screen.
  5. Now, wait until the Orange light starts flashing on the Echo Dot; if it doesn’t happen, press and hold the Action (Dot) button.
  6. Then, tap Continue on the Alexa app and choose to Connect your phone via WiFi.
  7. Select the 5Ghz WiFi network and enter the password. Once the Echo Dot is connected, your app will tell you that your Echo Dot is now online.
  8. Lastly, tap Continue to finish the setup.

Use a Wired Connection

I have linked my Spotify account with my echo dot, and usually, I use Spotify and Bluetooth to play songs on my echo dot. But what if you encounter the “Echo Dot keeps cutting out” type of issue.

Well, in this case, you’ve to follow the methods mentioned in this post or wait until Amazon releases some update; until then, you can play your songs over a Wired Connection.

There’s an Aux port beside the power output/port. I know it’s a temporary fix, but you can listen to your music. Try to connect your smartphone with an Aux cable and enjoy your music.

Check for a Software Update

If you’ve followed the above steps and are now waiting for an update. Some of you might not know how to update the Echo Dot. Well, it’s an easy task to do. Although, your Echo Dot lit up when there’s the latest update available. But, if it doesn’t, then follow the below steps;

  1. Just say, “Check for updates,” and install it if there are any.
  2. Installing the updates may take a while. Once it’s done, check if the issue persists or is fixed.
Echo dot 3rd gen keeps cutting out

If you’ve followed all the steps in this post, resetting your Echo Dot 3rd gen settings to their default settings is your last option. Echo Dot users acclaimed that after resetting their Echo Dot, they were able to resolve the issue. Resetting the Echo Dot will erase all the saved configurations and settings from the device.

Reset Echo Dot;

  1. Head towards your Echo Dot and press and hold the Action button for 10 seconds.
  2. Echo Dot lights up and informs you that Echo Dot is in Setup mode.
  3. Don’t release the Action button until Echo Dot informs you about resetting the device.
  4. Once it prompts you, release the button and wait for Echo Dot to reset.
  5. Lastly, reconfigure and set up your Echo Dot again.
Contact Amazon Team

If your echo dot is still cutting out, then contact amazon team. They can help you in fixing amazon echo dot keeps cutting out.

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