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DirecTV Keeps Rebooting Fixed!

DirecTV is one of the best streaming devices available in the market. They always try to provide the best streaming service with some cool features without breaking their users’ banks. However, you may get into trouble and experience an issue or error while streaming it.

Recently, we’ve seen numerous DirecTV users (including old genie and stream) reporting that their DirecTV keeps turning off and on repeatedly. If you’re also encountering the same issue on your device, then this post will be helpful for you. Here, we’ll discuss the effective ways to resolve this issue. 

Why does my DIRECTV keep rebooting?

Well, your DirecTV might keep on rebooting due to the reasons listed below, 

  • Random bugs or glitches.
  • Damaged or Faulty Cable Connection.
  • Damaged Power Outlet.
  • Your DirecTV isn’t getting the required power.

How to fix DirecTV’s keep rebooting?

To resolve this “DirecTV keep rebooting” issue, try verifying all your cables connection, plugging your devices directly into the power outlet, and ensuring that you are not using any power strip or surge protector. 

Verify the power cord

The first step you must try is to verify and check all the cables connected to your DirecTV device and TV. We’ve seen many cases before where users experienced such issues due to damaged, frayed, or faulty cables. Check to see if any cables connected to your DirecTV and TV are damaged or faulty. If you find any, replace it with the new one and turn on both your devices to see if this resolves the issue.

If your cables are in fine condition and working properly, disconnect them once and reconnect them securely to their ports. And then turn on your TV to check if it’s rebooting.

A fix by the user (DirecTV device with access card)

While researching about DirecTV, we’ve found a user comment that he fixed the issue in the following ways;

  • Turn your DirecTV receiver off.
  • And, then remove the Access card for about 30 seconds from the receiver.
  • After that, put the access card back in, and restart the receiver.

Plug your DirecTV directly 

If your DirecTV or TV is connected to a smart power strip, stip board, extension board, or power surge protector, disconnect your devices. And plug them into the power/wall outlet. Your devices might not be receiving adequate power to run or boot up properly. 

Once you connect/plug your devices directly into the power outlet, and check if this resolves the issue.

Connect DirecTV to another outlet

Sometimes your device might not get the adequate or required power from the outlet. If this is the case, then there might be some issue with your power outlet. To check this, try plugging both devices (DirecTV and TV) into another power outlet and turn on both devices. 

Does this resolve the issue? If yes, then you need to repair your faulty power outlet. And if you’re still getting the rebooting issue on your DirecTV device, move on to the next one.

Hard Reset DirecTV

If you haven’t done this yet, do it now. Some users reported that they were able to get past this “Rebooting” issue after hard resetting or leaving the device for some hours. So, we suggest you try it for once.

We also tried this fix on our other device that’s encountering the same issue, and it’s working now; from that time, we never had such an issue.

To do so, 

  • Unplug both your devices.
  • And leave them for an hour or overnight (if possible).
  • After that, plug them back in and check if doing this fixed the issue.

Factory Reset

If nothing works for you, try resetting your DirecTV box. Doing this, you’ll lose all your recordings, saved files, and everything back to your DirecTV factory settings. To do so;

  • Press and hold the Blue DirecTV power button for 20 seconds.
  • Now, release the button, and your DirecTV receiver will resets to its default settings.
  • Lastly, set up your device and check whether this fixes the issue or not.

Contact DirecTV Support

If the methods that we’ve mentioned above didn’t help you in resolving the “DirecTV keeps rebooting” issue, then it is an internal issue. In this scenario, we suggest contacting DirecTV customer support

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