DirecTV Keeps On Freezing – Causes and Its Fixes

DirecTV is a cable TV provider in the United States. They have several packages to choose from, including one that includes broadcast television channels. However, you may experience a problem while watching a show on HBO or another channel, and it freezes. I’ve had this happen to me, too and here’s what caused it and how I fixed it. 

If you’re also going through the same issue, this post will help you get your DirecTV back up and working again.

Why is DIRECTV keep freezing?

We’ve seen numerous DirecTV users complaining that their DirecTV keeps freezing. And, also when we encountered this issue, a question arose, why is our DirecTV freezing? What’s the reason behind freezing, and how can we fix this? 

Well, we did some research and found out the possible reasons that can cause the “DirecTV keeps freezing” issue along with their fixes. 

Poor or weak signal quality

In some cases, you may encounter such streaming issues due to poor or weak signal quality. If there’s bad weather in your area (snow, storm, or rain), then it may affect your DirecTV when it tries to communicate with the satellite. If there’s bad weather in your area, wait until it stops and starts streaming your DirecTV to see if the issue persists. 

Your DirecTV may be receiving a weak or bad signal if it’s not placed in a ventilated area. If so, try changing its position and putting it in a well-ventilated area. If you’re still receiving bad or weak signals, you must try calling DirecTV customer support and ask them to resolve the signal issue. 


When there is dust inside the device, the fan may not function properly, leading to overheating. Using a surface that traps heat can also result in it heating up. To fix this, try cleaning the dust from the DirecTV, placing it on a cool surface and away from the other heating devices.

An issue with Broadcast or Show

You may experience freezing issues even if the weather is fine. Sometimes, the broadcast or show has errors, which causes your DirecTV to freeze. If this is a problem with the broadcast, we recommend changing the channel or choosing a different live broadcast. And, waiting for the broadcast owner to correct the broadcast is the only thing you can do if other channels are working fine.

Faulty or damaged cables/wires

Your DirecTV may freeze if there is bad or faulty wiring or the wire gets damaged between your DirecTV receiver (box) and satellite. A storm, tree branches damaged the cables, or someone else damaged your wires can result in such issues. And, to fix this, call your DirecTV customer support and ask them to fix this or lay down new wiring. 

Also, ensure that all the cable connections are securely connected to your DirecTV, TV and Satellite. If you find any loose cable, tighten it up and if there’s a frayed or torn wire/cable, then replace it with the new one or ask DirecTV support to send a technician to fix it. 

Satellite Dish is having issue.

Your DirecTV box may freeze if there’s some issue with your Satellite dish (DirecTV dish). In this case, try checking your DirecTV dish location, cables/wires, and if it’s damaged or not.

In our case, a tree was interfering with the signals. So, we cut it down, and now we’re streaming our favorite channel, and from that time, we’ve never encountered such issues. So, try checking if something is interfering with your Satellite dish. 

Outdated Software

If your DirecTV receiver runs on outdated software, it may result in freezing or streaming-related issues. To resolve this, head towards the update section on your DirecTV and update it to the latest software release. Or, if you’re unable to update it, try visiting the nearest service center to update your device to its latest software update. 

Updating the DirecTV receiver will fix all the bugs and glitches, and it will prevent your device from such freezing issues. 


There were some instances where the DirecTV genie box froze due to a DirecTV network server outage. To check if there’s an outage, try visiting or isitdownrightnow and check if there is an outage in your area. If there’s an outage, then it will be fixed within some hours by the DirecTV network team. So wait until DirecTV settles it. 

Troubleshoot your DirecTV

Addresses the causes behind “DirecTV keeps freezing but still unable to fix it. We’ve some troubleshooting methods that can help you in resolving the issue. 

Reboot your DirecTV

Try rebooting DirecTV as mentioned in the below-given steps;

  • Unplug the DirecTV receiver from its power source.
  • And wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • After that, plug it back into the power source and turn it on.

Doing this will reset the connection and force the DirecTV receiver to establish new connections. 

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Use the Red button

If rebooting the DirecTV receiver didn’t help you in fixing the issue, try using the Red button given on your DirecTV button. First, locate the Red (Reset) button on your DirecTV can be found at the back, side or inside the card door. And;

  • Press and hold the Red reset button on your DirecTV until it resets and restarts.

Restore DirecTV to default settings

If your DirecTV is still freezing, try restoring it to its original factory settings. Doing this will remove all your saved files and data (if any) to restore it to its default settings. To perform it;

  • Press and hold the Blue button on your DirecTV for 20 seconds.
  • Now, your DirecTV receiver will be reset to its default settings.
  • At last, set up your DirecTV receiver and check if this resolves the freezing issue.

DirecTV Stream keeps freezing

If you’re one of those users experiencing the freezing issue on their DirecTV stream, then the below guide will be helpful for you.

Outdated App

If you are using the DirecTV Stream app’s outdated version, it may tend to have such issues. If it’s a random bug or glitch, it can be fixed by updating the DirecTV Stream to its latest version. To do so;

  • Head to the Application Store on your device.
  • And locate the DirecTV Stream and update it to its available update.
  • At last, launch the DirecTV Stream app and check if it is still freezing.

Poor or weak Wi-Fi Connection

Your DirecTV Stream app might freeze due to an unstable, poor or weak Wi-Fi connection. To get this fixed, try to

  • Unplug your modem/router from the wall outlet.
  • And wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, plug it back into the wall outlet and check if this fixes the issue.

If your Wi-Fi connection is still bad, contact your ISP or try connecting your device to your smartphone’s internet and check if this resolves the freezing issue on your DirecTV Stream app. 

Update your device

Have you not updated your device for a long time? Well, not updating your device timely raises the chances of such issues. In this scenario, try the following steps;

  • Head to the Update section of your device.
  • And check if there’s any update available for your device.
  • If there’s any, download it and update your device. It will take a while to complete. Once it’s done, launch the DirecTV Steam app to see if the issue persists.

Channel isn’t working.

Sometimes your streaming app has no issue, and there may be some possibility that the channel or program you’re trying to stream isn’t working or having problems for some reason. To verify this, try streaming the other channel or content, and if they’re working fine, then try reporting your issue to the DirecTV Support staff.

Contact DirecTV Support

If none of the steps that we’ve mentioned in this post work for you, then we suggest contacting DirecTV customer support.. Their customer support center works for 7 days from 8 AM to 12 AM EST time. They will provide a proper guide and help you fixing the issue. 

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