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Fix DirecTV Error Code 775

Recently, I made a visit to my friend’s house. There we tried watching a movie on DirecTV player. After launching the movie, I tried getting error code 775 whenever we tried playing anything. This was becoming frustrating so we decided to search online for answers. We found that many other DirecTV users were also getting error 75. But we were able to fix this problem after contacting the directv team.

In this post, I’m going to share some steps that can help you in fixing the directv error code 775.

What Does Problem 775 Mean on DIRECTV TV?

When the satellite dish and receiver aren’t receiving the same signal, you’ll see DIRECTV error code 775. During the research, we found that you can face directv error 776 due to one of the reasons mentioned below.

  • Storms and bad weather.
  • Due to poor internet and weak signal.
  • When the power outlet is malfunctioning.
  • If the receiver port is damaged.
  • The faulty receiver or satellite dish.
  • Sometimes due to cable overheating.

Now that we know the reason for directv 775 let us proceed with troubleshooting this issue.

How to Fix DirecTV error code 775?

You can fix the DirecTV error 775 by fixing the connection between the receiver and the internet. You can also fix this issue by a power cycle of the receiver and swim power inserter. Read the full guide below for troubleshooting DirecTV error 775.

Check if cable connection loose

If the cables connected to the directv is loose, then it can lead to the directv error 775. Due to loose connection your internet can stop working and you’ll face this error on your directv. You can follow the tips below for troubleshooting this issue.

  1. At the back of your directv receiver check if the cables are connected properly.
  2. Make sure that cables are connected properly in the ports Satellite In and SAT IN at the back of directv receiver.
  3. Make sure every wires are connected properly.
  4. If you checked that everything looks good then turn your TV on and check again if error code 775 still persists.

Tips: If you are facing directv error 775, then visit downdetector and check for outage. If you notice a spike in the chart, then this indicates a directv outage. Wait for the directv team to resolve the problem. Once the issue is fixed, you’ll be able to use directv without any issue.

Wait out the storm

DirecTV sometimes shows error code 775 due to bad weather, such as rainy season or storms. Whenever the weather gets better then wait for the signal and try again to play DirecTV.

Check the swim power inserter

Directv also provides the swim power inserter along with DirecTV receiver. It can be in the same room or in any other room. If you’ve a swim power inserter look for it and make sure it is connected to the power. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then power cycle the power inserter by following the steps below.

  1. Unplug your swim power inserter from power source.
  2. Wait for the 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in back power swim power inserter and turn on the TV.

Once the directv is turned on, check if the directv error 75 is resolved.

Reset Your Device

If you are still facing directv error 75 after following the steps above, then try resetting your directv to factory settings.

To reset your DirecTV use remote to select>settings>reset option. Now the receiver will reset in couple of seconds after following these steps.

You can also reset directv by pressing the reset button located on the receiver. First of all, locate the reset button and press the red reset button on the receiver. After resetting your directv, check whether error 75 is resolved.

Contact Directv for Error 75

If you are still facing error 75 on your DirecTV after following the steps above, then you need to contact the directv for help. Contacting the directv team directly can help in resolving error 75 on your device.

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