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DirecTV Error Code 771? 6 Effective Methods To Fix!

Are you experiencing “DirecTV error code 771 – Searching for the Satellite Signal”? Error code 771 happens very often with DirecTV customers, which means that your dish isn’t communicating with the satellite. 

I also faced the same error while watching my favourite show. It can be very frustrating at the beginning but trust me, it is very easy to solve error code 771. 

Today we are going to give you some of the best solutions to fix this error code. These solutions are going to be practical and easy to implement so that you can easily fix this error issue on your own.

What causes this error code 771?

Unlike Error code 721 or 722, this error code has many different conditions that can cause it. Many factors associated with error 771. Some of the common factors we discussed are mentioned below:

Stormy weather: Stormy weather is the most common factor behind this error. The storm clouds and the lightning in the clouds can disrupt the signal and prevent the signals reaching the satellite dish. This will make the video streaming glitchy.

Don’t try to fix this issue in stormy weather. Also, contacting DirecTV support doesn’t help in these kinds of scenarios. 

DirecTV server outage: Sometimes, due to bad weather or service maintenance going into your area can interrupt your satellite service.

Bad connection between the receiver box and the satellite dish: The improper receiver connection can lead to error 771. The connection can be interrupted due to the power surge which is after the storm. 

Also, due to strong winds during storms, there might be a chance of falling sharp or heavy objects on the cable connecting the receiver with the satellite dish, which damages the line. 

Obstacles between the satellite dish and the satellite: If you are living in a concrete jungle or your house is situated between tall trees. These obstacles interfere with the signals received by the satellite dish.  

How to fix DirecTV error code 771?

DirecTV Error Code 771 can be fixed by testing the receiver connection, removing the nearby obstacles (if any), resetting the receiver, and pressing the channel button. 

Also, you can check if there’s any outage in your area. You can check this by contacting DirecTV support; if there’s any, it will be fixed within a while.

Testing the receivers connection

Sometimes there might be a receiver connection due to which you are facing error code 771. Follow these simple steps to test the receiver connection:

  • Check the SAT-IN (Satellite-In) cable to ensure all the cable connections between the receiver and the wall outlet are tightly secure. In case any adaptors are connected, make sure to check them too. 
  • If you have a SWiM power inserter attached to the DirecTV cable coming from your dish, unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Now wait for 15 seconds, then plug it back again. Ensure you didn’t plug the SWiM power inserter into a dead power outlet.

Checking the Satellite Dish

Checking the satellite dish is very crucial. If your Satellite dish is visible to you. Make sure no object or anything is obstructing the line of sight from the dish to the sky. Do not try to climb the roof, as it is very unsafe for you. In this case, you can contact DirecTV. 

Check DirecTV server outage 

Sometimes server outages in your area or specific location can be the reason behind this error 771.

For this, you have to check:

  • Check for outages in your zip code area
  • Do a full-service check for your address and account.

For the above steps, visit Check for DIRECTV service outage | DIRECTV Customer Service & Support

In case DirecTV doesn’t give you a proper update regarding the outage. You can go to Directv outage or service down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector to know the status of the service outage. 

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Resetting the receiver 

Resetting the receiver can take up to an hour. So, be sure you have enough time to start this process. 

Follow these steps to reset your DirecTV receiver:

  • First, on the back of the receiver, find the Reset button. You can find this tiny red button inside the access card door.
  • Press the Reset button with an unbreakable object like a paper clip or a sim ejector tool.
  • Once the process is completed, the error will disappear. Now you can use DirecTV properly.

Pressing channel button

You can also try this method. Pressing the channel button sends a signal to the dish, which can rectify this error issue. For this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Channel up button twice.
  • Now, press the Channel down button twice 
  • See if the error goes off or not.
Contacting DirecTV customer service and support 

If you tried all the solutions, we discussed and still can’t figure out error code 771. Don’t worry; you have a last hope. Get in touch with customer service and support. 

You can reach out to DirecTV on social media platforms. Also, you have chat support and phone numbers (855.815.1801). 

You can visit DIRECTV Customer Service & Support.  

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