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How Do I Fix Black Screen on Paramount Plus?

Recently updated on December 20th, 2022 at 10:16 am

Recently, I was trying to watch the latest Mission impossible movie. But when I launched the paramount plus app on my firestick, I only got a black screen. The app was not loading properly I was getting a black screen. 

So I decided to investigate online, during the research I contacted the paramount plus team. I also visited some Reddit pages and that helped me in resolving paramount plus black screen on my firestick. 

I’ve gathered the working fixes for the paramount plus black screen issue in this post.

How to Fix Paramount Plus Black Screen?

You can fix paramount + black screen by relaunching the app, reinstalling, clearing cache, power cycling your device and router or check for paramount plus outage. Follow the detailed guide below to fix paramount plus black screen.

Relaunch Paramount Plus App

To fix the paramount plus app, first of all, I’ll suggest relaunching the app. If this is happening due to a bug then a simple relaunch of paramount plus can fix the black screen issue. So, close the paramount plus app on your device and close any other running app. Now launch the paramount plus app. Wait for the app to load and voila now you’ll be able to use the app.

Restart Your Device

If relaunching the paramount + didn’t help, then restart your device. There are two ways to restart your device. To fix the paramount plus black screen or intermittent black screen issue follow the steps below.

  1. Close the paramount + app.
  2. Press the power button on your device.
  3. Now select restart.

Once the device is restarted launch paramount plus to see if the black screen is resolved. If not then,

  1. Close the paramount plus app.
  2. Turn off your device.
  3. Unplug it from the power socket.
  4. Press and hold the physical button on your device/tv for 20 seconds.
  5. Wait for 10 minutes.
  6. Turn on your device.

Power cycle can fix the paramount plus black screen problem on your streaming device.

Is Paramount Plus Down?

Paramount plus server outage can also create the black screen problem. So if you’re getting a black screen on the paramount + app, then check for the outage. Visit the downdetector page or here, and check if the paramount plus is down. If the paramount plus servers are down, then wait for some time. Once the outage is resolved black screen problem will be fixed.

Reinstall Paramount Plus

You can fix the paramount plus black screen problem by reinstalling the app. To reinstall the paramount plus on your device follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the paramount plus from your device.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Now install the latest version of paramount + from the application store of your device.

Launch the paramount plus and log in to your device. Now the paramount plus black screen issue will be fixed.

Clear Cache of Paramount Plus

Deleting the cache and data of the paramount plus app can resolve the black screen issue. To refresh the cache of paramount plus on your device follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Select apps.
  3. Now locate and select paramount +.
  4. Force-stop the app (if applicable).
  5. Clear the cache and data of paramount +.

Now launch the app, and log in to your account. Now black screen issue will be fixed on your paramount plus app.

Is Your Internet Working?

Internet is the most important thing you need to stream online content. If the internet is not working then you can come across a black screen or buffering issue. To resolve the internet issue follow the tips below.

  • Check your internet speed at speedtest. Paramount + needs at least 4mbps.
  • If your internet is slow, then move your router closer to the device.
  • Use ethernet for connecting your device to wifi.

Power cycle your router

  1. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes.
  3. Plug in your router and turn it on.

Once the wifi is turned on check your internet speed and check speed. If the internet is slow then contact isp. Once the internet issue is resolved, the paramount + black screen issue will be fixed.

Use Different Device

If the paramount plus black screen issue is still not resolved. Then try streaming paramount plus on a different device. If paramount plus is working on another device, then this means that this is a device-specific issue. You can try streaming on another device and contact paramount plus for help.

Update Your Device

Rarely but yes, you can face paramount + black screen if the device firmware is not up to date. So to resolve the paramount plus black screen problem update the device firmware. After updating the device firmware, launch the paramount plus app and check if the black screen problem is resolved.

Fix Paramount Plus Black Screen on Laptop/Desktop Browser

If you are trying to stream paramount plus on a browser, but facing a black screen. Don’t worry, below I’ve shared how to fix the paramount + black screen on the browser.

  • Close the tab and open a new tab. Now try paramount plus again.
  • Reload the page to fix black screen issue.
  • Close the tabs and close the browser. Open the browser and try streaming paramount plus again.
  • Remove the adblocker extension from your browser.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies to fix paramount plus black screen.
  • Try using a different browser for streaming paramount plus.
Contact Paramount Plus

If the paramount plus is not down, and you are still facing a black screen issue. Then contact the paramount plus team for help. The experts at paramount plus can help in resolving the issue.

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