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Apple TV Remote Not Working

Recently updated on July 14th, 2020 at 08:49 am

Apple TV is one of the most versatile media streaming box, that you can buy. Although Apple TV are best, sometimes you may face the issue of Apple TV remote not working properly. There are many types of remote available depending on the version of your TV. The latest model of Apple TV features a remote with inbuilt Siri with voice control. The issues or difficulties you face with your Apple TV remote/ Siri remote are not difficult you can solve these issues with simple tricks.

Apple TV Remote isn’t working 

You might face Apple TV not working due to an obstruction between your tv and your remote. You have to make sure that there is no blockage between remote and TV. 

This is because due to the limitation of remote as it uses IR sensors instead of RF sensors. Make sure that your Apple TV remote battery is fully charged. If not charge it for 30 minutes. Cleaning Apple TV remote can do the trick of fixing your Apple TV remote. In the case of Siri remote make sure you are within the Bluetooth range of Apple TV. Now try using your Apple TV remote to check if remote is working or not. If the problem persists, follow the other methods below.

Reset Your Apple TV

To reset your Apple TV and remote follow these steps:

  1. Unplug Apple TV for minimum six seconds or more, then plug in to start your Apple TV
  2. Once your Apple TV is fully started and you’re on the homepage, try using your Apple TV remote to see if the connection is reset. 

If your Apple TV remote is not working after resetting your apple tv, you can try resetting your Apple TV remote/Siri remote.

Apple tv remote

Reset Your Apple TV Remote/ Siri Remote

The reset process depends on which remote you’re using. To reset Siri remote follow these steps. (For identification Siri remote it has a touchpad on the top)

  1. To reset your Siri remote you need to press “Menu” and “Volume up” buttons. After doing this your remote is now in the pairing mode.
  2. With the distance of 3 inches away from Apple TV press and hold the menu button and volume up button for about five seconds.
  3. Now you’ll see a notification which says “Pairing remote bring it closer to Apple TV to continue pairing” 
  4. Move closer or place your Siri remote on top of your apple tv until the notification “pairing remote” disappears.
  5. Now try using your Siri remote to see if the Apple TV remote not working issue is fixed.
siri remote

Steps to Reset Your Apple TV Remote

  1. Press the “Menu” button and “Left” buttons for six seconds to unlink your Apple TV from your Apple TV remote. To verify if your Apple TV is unlinked from your Apple remote check for an “unlink” or “broken chain” type icon above an image of remote on your Apple TV screen.
  2. Now you need to link Apple TV to your Apple TV remote. Press “menu” and “right” buttons for at least six seconds. You’ll see the “link” icon above image of remote on your apple tv screen.
  3. Now Unplug Apple TV for six seconds and plug it back in.
  4. Now check to see if the Apple TV remote not working issue if fixed.
Fix Light flashing on Apple TV while pressing Apple remote buttons, But not responding
  1. Pair your remote with Apple TV and in settings check for the option to pair with the Apple TV remote
  2. In the case of Siri remote, Reset it by pressing the “menu” and “Volume up” buttons on your Siri remote at the same time. Now your sir remote is in the paring mode
  3. For restarting your Apple TV press “Menu” and “down” button on your Apple TV remote.
  4. If 3rd step doesn’t work unplug your Apple TV for a minimum of 6 seconds and plug in again.
  5. In case you see a warning sign on your Apple TV screen and apple tv doesn’t flash, you’ve to replace the battery of your Apple tv remote.
Issues on Siri Remote

If your Siri remote is not connecting with Apple TV, you’ve to factory reset your Siri remote. To factory reset your Siri remote connect Siri remote to iTunes with the help you USB cable. Now you can perform the factory reset for your Siri remote.

If you’re facing navigation speed issues on the touch pad of your Siri remote, you can fix this issue by changing the sensitivity of the touch pad to slow. To change this go to the settings and now go to remotes and devices option and now to Touch surface tracking which is by default set to medium, change this to slow.

Touch surface tracking

Conclusion: You can fix Apple TV remote not working issue by simply restarting your Apple TV and pairing it with your Apple TV remote. You can also follow the other steps mentioned above. If none of the above methods worked for you contact Apple support

If you’ve any other query related to apple tv or apple tv remote kindly comment below.

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