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Fix: Amazon Prime Video Error Code 1060

Some amazon prime video users reported that they have encountered error code 1060 on their Amazon prime account. Due to error code 1060 they are unable to watch and download videos. Prime video error code 1060 occurs when there’s an issue with your network or a network related issue with your ISP or Amazon prime video itself. Sometimes you can also face this error code if there’s an issue with your hardware or software. It can be a bandwidth problem with your network, an issue with your internet connection or there’s a fault in Amazon’s server.

Reason for Amazon Prime Error code 1060

  1. Issue at Amazon prime end
  2. Network related issue
  3. Issue with your hardware or software
  4. Router/ Modem related issue/ connectivity issue

Steps to fix Amazon prime error code 1060

Retry / Reload/ Refresh

Some people skip this simple solution much time. Yes, a simple reload or retry can fix the amazon prime error code 1060 sometimes. So try refreshing or reloading the video you are trying to watch to fix the error code 1060 on prime video.

Restart the Streaming Device 

Restarting your streaming device can fix this issue. To restart just press the power button your device (depending on the device it can be a side button the phones or a power button on a laptop or desktop or the power button on your smart tv). If you’re facing this issue on smart tv, just shut down your tv remove the plug from the wall socket for 1-2 minutes plug it back in, and start your tv. Now after applying these steps try to watch the video on prime to see if the error code 1060 is resolved.

restart your device

Tip: Make sure your device is connected to the internet properly.

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Check internet speed/ Bandwidth

If you are streaming or downloading content on devices like tablets or phones then you don’t need a fast internet connection because streaming on a tablet or phone needs a minimum 900kbps internet speed. But if you’re streaming the content on your smart tv with Roku/chrome cast then you need a high-speed internet connection having a minimum speed of 3-4mbps speed. Go to fast.com or speedtest to check your internet speed. If you’re not getting the speed you required to steam content on amazon then you can follow some steps below.

  1. Try moving your router to a higher place then your smart tv or phone.
  2. Try using the ethernet cable to connect with your smart tv
  3. Move your router closer to the device on which you’re facing amazon prime error code 1060.
  4. Restart your router and your streaming device. After the restart, reconnect your device and try to stream video on amazon prime to see if the issue is resolved. 
  5. If you’re not getting the promised internet speed from your isp. Just contact your internet provider for help with this issue.

Close the running apps on your device

This can be the reason for amazon prime error code 1060 because as we mentioned above that high-speed internet connection matters most in streaming or downloading the content on Amazon prime video. Maybe some programs are running in the background and using the internet. So you need to check your device and close the running programs/apps. And, check if the error persists then move to the next step.

Reboot or Reset Router/Modem

Above mentioned steps didn’t help you? Then try to reset and reboot your router/mode

Restart Router/modem

  1. Press the power button, and your router/modem will turn off.
  2. Wait for at least 25-30 seconds.
  3. Now, press the power button again to turn on your router/modem.
  4. Check, by streaming your amazon prime video if you’re still facing the issue and rebooting/restarting doesn’t work then reset the router/modem. 

Reset router/modem

To reset your router/modem you need a sharp object (a needle or a toothpick). Let’s start the process of resetting the device.

  1. Grab your router/modem and press the reset using a sharp object (you’ll find the reset option on the backside of your router/modem).
  2. Hold the reset button for 10secs or wait until the router/modem led light starts blinking.
  3. Now, after resetting the router/modem, turn on your streaming device and check that this method fixed the error code or it’s still here.
amazon prime error code 1060
Ethernet/wired connection 

If you’re using a wireless internet connection then maybe this can be the reason for amazon prime error code 1060. Because sometimes the wireless connection doesn’t provide you a high-speed internet connection. And, switching to Ethernet/wired connection can solve your issue. Your internet will be more stable and stronger as compared to a wireless connection. You might face this error code because of weak internet connection and switching to Ethernet/wired connection might not be the solution but some users reported that they fixed this issue by switching to Ethernet. 

Before switching to ethernet or wired connection, check at the down detector or outage report if there’s a problem at amazon end.

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Disable proxy and VPN

Some streaming services usually block proxy users and VPN clients and Amazon prime video is one of them. If you are a proxy user or VPN client, you need to disable your proxy server and remove VPN clients. 

To disable proxy on windows 10 just follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows key
  2. Now click on settings (gear-like icon)
windows settings
  1. Click on the network and internet option
  2. Now from the left side option click on the proxy from the bottom of the list.
proxy settings
  1. Scroll down to manual proxy setup. Make sure the “use a proxy server” is toggled off.
disable windows proxy
Remove VPN Client
  1. Press win + R to open the Run search bar.
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl” in the search bar and press enter to open the programs and features screen.
  3. Now, you’ll be on the programs and features screen, locate the VPN client you’re using in the installed app section.
  4. Once you find the VPN client, right-click on the VPN app and click on uninstall.
  5. After the uninstalling process, reboot your PC, try to stream amazon prime video, and check this method works or not.
An outage at Amazon prime end

If the above-mentioned steps don’t help you in fixing this amazon error code 1060, maybe there’s an issue with Amazon’s servers. Open your social media account like Twitter and search using a hashtag like #amazonprimevideodown #primevideodown may someone talking about this same issue.

Contact Amazon prime to fix error code 1060

Followed the above-mentioned steps and also checked that no one is talking about amazon outage and still you’re dealing with this error code, they maybe there’s a problem from your internet service provider or Amazon’s side. Contact your internet service provider may your connection preventing this error and if there’s no issue found from the internet service provider side then contact Amazon they can help you in solving this error code. You can contact the amazon team and if this a problem from their end they normally give a time slot of 2 days and most of the team the problem is resolved in the given time.

Conclusion: If you’re facing Amazon prime video error code 1060 due to connectivity issue on your device, then you can easily if performing the above troubleshooting steps. If this an issue from Amazon end, then you need to contact the Amazon team for solution of this issue.

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