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Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 9068

Amazon Prime Video is an online paid streaming service, offering you some great tv shows and movies. Amazon prime video is one of the best video streaming app and nowadays users spend most of their time watching online web series and movies. Some users are happy and watching binge shows but some users encountered an issue called “Error code 9068” this error code says that “unable to process your request “, and this error is very frustrating. We did some r&d, and we found some solution which helps you in fixing this error code.

Causes of Error code 9068

These are some of the reasons why you are facing prime video error code 9068 can’t unable to process your request on your devices.

  1. Amazon prime app is not up to date
  2. Maybe there’s a bug in the app
  3. Your device is not compatible 
  4. Registration glitch

Wanted to fix this error code then follow our guide mentioned below

Note: Don’t forget to check the status of the amazon prime servers here. If there’s a server problem at amazon end then you can face errors like this

Reboot your device to fix Amazon prime video error code 9068

Rebooting your streaming device can fix this error code because some errors can be fixed by only rebooting your device. Some users reported that they mainly faced this error on the Amazon fire stick and Roku streaming device.

If you’re a Roku user then,

  1. Start your device and go to the home screen of your device.
  2. Now, go to the settings.
  3. Locate and select System, again scroll down and select Restart.
  4. Press Ok to reboot your device.
restart roku

Amazon fire tv

  1. Take your fire tv remote and press the Ok button and the play button at the same time.
  2. And, Hold the buttons until a message pop-up on-screen “Your amazon fire tv is switching off”.
  3. Wait for a while, it will start rebooting and your device will automatically on.

If you don’t want to reboot your device according to the above-mentioned method then there’s is a simple method which is applicable on all devices whether it’s Roku or amazon fire tv, you need to turn your device off and unplug the power code for 2-3mintutes and plug it back in the socket and turn on your device 

plug unplug devices
Source- Giphy

May this step can fix your error code and if it doesn’t help you then follow the next one.

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Deregister account and Register again to fix error code 9068

Some users are facing this error code and somehow they managed to fix this error code successfully by deregistering the account from the device where they’re facing the issue and re-register the account again.

Follow the steps;

To Deregister

  1. Go to the primevideo.com
  2. Log in with your credentials with which your device is registered.
  3. Now click on the profile icon from the top right side of screen and click on account & settings this will take you to your account page
fix error code 9068
  1. Now click on your devices.
  1. Hereou’ll get the list of registered devices, from the list search the device you want to remove and click on deregister next to it.
  2. To confirm click on are you sure. The device will be removed from this amazon prime video account.
deregister device from amazon prime

To Reregister

  1. Visit the Amazon pin.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Go to Your Device and click on Register your device.
  4. Enter the registration code and click on the Register device.

Clear data & cache of Amazon Prime app

Still, facing amazon prime error code 9068, don’t worry there’s a step which can help you in fixing this error code. Follow the steps below

  1. Open your device and go to settings (Device settings).
  2. Now, locate apps and again tap on apps.
  3. Scroll down and find “Prime video” or just search it in the search bar, go to storage.
  4. Tap on clear data and clear cache.

Now open your amazon prime video and if still you’re getting this error code then move to our next step.

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Keep your Prime App Up to date

If you are using an outdated app of prime video then this can be the reason behind error code 9068. If you’ve not updated your Amazon prime video app for a long time then this can cause unknown error on your prime app. To fix this issue just visit play store or app store and update your Amazon prime app to the latest version to fix the error code 9068 on your device.

Note: Note if you’re trying to access Amazon prime video where the service is not available yet. You need to install a VPN on your device and connect to any location where Amazon prime video is available and this will fix the error code 9068 on your device.

Factory data reset

Sometimes some things don’t work but factory reset can help you, before factory data reset, take the backup of your important documents, images, music, etc.

  1. Unlock your device, go to settings.
  2. Go to System, mainly you’ll this option in the bottom of settings.
  3. Now, go to reset. Select Reset Phone, there you’ll see a warning message that your photos, music, documents, accounts, installed apps will be erased, if you haven’t taken the backup then there’s a chance to take backup.
  4. If you’re done, tap on Reset phone, and the process of factory data reset will start.
  5. After the factory reset is done, set up your device and install Amazon prime video app on your device.

If none of the above steps worked for you try contacting Amazon team for help.

Do you’ve suggestions related to Amazon error code 9068? Why not share with the community from the comment box. You can also check how to fix Media playback error code 224003

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