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Amazon Fire Tablet Not Charging

Recently updated on December 9th, 2022 at 07:13 am

We all love the Amazon fire tablet for being one of the best budget tablet devices in the market. Streaming videos, playing games, and opening google apps on your amazon fire tablets is fantastic fun.

Amazon Fire tablet offers excellent value for money, but it is not perfect, Amazon Fire tablet also faces some issues after a period of usage.

One of the common issues is the Amazon Fire tablet not charging. If you’re having trouble charging your amazon fire tablet, then you’ve come to the right place; we’ll demonstrate to you how you can troubleshoot your Amazon fire tablet for this issue.

We’ll guide you to do some tests with your devices to identify why the Amazon fire table won’t charge. Give you some simple methods to fix Amazon fire not charging issues.

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Why is My Amazon Fire Not Charging When I Plug It In?

When a tablet won’t charge, there are four potential causes of the issue.

  •  First, there can be a setup/programming issue.
  • Second, there can be an issue with the battery itself.
  • Third, there can be issues with the charging connector or the cable.
  • Last, there might be an issue with the physical charging port on the tablet. We’ll explain how you can fix this issue with a simple tweak.

What do I do if my Amazon Fire Tablet Won’t Charge?

You can fix the Amazon Fire Tablet not charging issue by restarting your Amazon Fire Tablet, or resetting the Fire to its default factory settings.

If the issue lies with your Fire Tablet Adapter or USB cable, then replacing them would resolve the issue.

Check the Charging Adapter 

It is really simple to figure out why amazon fire tablet stopped charging. To check this, use the charging cable and connect your fire tablet to a laptop or desktop.

Now check if your Amazon fire tablet is charging or not. If your tablet is charging then the problem lies with the charger. To fix this you can buy a new charger from the amazon.com.

Check the USB Cable

Now we have to check the USB cable whether it is charging the device or not. Because mostly micro-USB cables are fundamentally equivalent, you need to take another USB cable from an alternate gadget or a companion.

Now with the help of this new USB cable charge your amazon fire tablet. If your Amazon fire tablet is charging with this new USB cable, then the issue lies with your old USB cable.

You can buy a new USB cable from an electric shop or amazon.com

Check fire tablet charger and usb

How Do I Know if My Charger Port is Damaged?

Check the Charging Port

The next thing you have to do is to test/check the charging port of your Amazon Fire Tablet.

After long usage, sometimes amazon fire tablet’s charging port is damaged, detached, or loose from the hardware of the device.

Most of the models of the Amazon fire tablets are infamous for having a loose charging port. Using a fire tablet while charging can also cause this issue.

Now insert your micro USB in the port and gently move it. If the USB is loose inside the port then the issue lies with the charging port.

If your fire table is in the warranty contact the Amazon team for this issue.

Restart the Amazon Fire Tablet

Above we tested our USB cable, charging adapter, and charging port. But, if you’re still facing “Amazon kindle fire tablet won’t charge” problem? So, maybe there is the issue is in your Fire tablet software.

In this case, try restarting your fire tablet, this will close all open applications and clear some memory and fresh start the software.

To Restart the Fire Tablet, follow these steps shown below.

  1. Take your fire tablet and hold the Power button for 30-40 seconds to shut down the fire tablet.
  2. Turn on your Fire tablet with the help of the Power button. 
Amazon fire tablet not charging

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Factory Reset Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Is your Amazon Fire Tablet 5th generation still not charging? In this scenario, try resetting your fire to its default factory settings, maybe it will help. You’ve to only perform this action if the other steps mentioned above don’t work for your fire tablet.

Resetting your fire table will delete all of your data from the fire tablet and restore it to the default out of the box version. There is no assurance that it will fix the charging issue.

  1. First, take the backup of all the data of your Amazon fire tablet.
  2. Swipe down on the home screen to get to the Menu.
  3. Go to Settings, then tap on Device Options.
  4. Tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.
  5. Select Reset to affirm factory data reset.

Now, the next thing to do is we’ll force reload the system.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up button and Power button for 40 seconds.
  2. Now release the power rocker but keep holding the volume up button, and after a while, “Installing the latest software” will appear on your screen.
  3. Finish the update installation and reboot your Amazon Fire Tablet.
Is Your Amazon Fire Tablet Battery Dead?

If you’ve attempted every one of these steps means – Checking your amazon fire tablet charger, USB cable, checking the charging port, restarting, and forced reset of fire tablet, and still your Amazon fire tablet is not charging. The sad news is that your Amazon fire tablet battery is dead.

You can replace the battery on your fire tablet, but Amazon doesn’t empower it. Buying a new battery for the Amazon fire tablet is nearly close to buying a new fire tablet, So we suggest you buy a new fire tablet.

Your Amazon Fire is fine yet the battery has kicked the bucket and requires substitution. That leaves two alternatives – send it back to Amazon for a new battery or via a third party or you can do it by yourself.

Replace Your Amazon Fire Battery

Before replacing your battery by yourself, you have to know that by replacing your fire tablet battery, your warranty will expire, and Amazon doesn’t provide any battery replacement service, so you have to purchase a new battery from a third-party seller which you can quickly locate on Amazon shopping app.

Tips to Avoid Amazon Fir Tablet Charging Point Rot

Some people use their fire tablets daily. And, because of that, they can face the port rot issue. So the heavy users need to charge their Amazon fire tablet regularly.

So while charging when the cable is inserted in the port it can cause the charging point rot issue.

When you insert your cable, again and again, it puts some pressure on the port and it can be detached or misplaced from the inner circuit board which can cause the Amazon fire tablet not charging issue.

Steps to Stop Charging Port to Rot

  1. Clean the dust and other dirt from the port of your Amazon fire tablet with the help of clog
  2. Don’t use your Amazon fire tablet while it is charging.
  3. When you receive your new Amazon fire tablet, buy a new better quality USB cable for charging your Amazon fire tablet.

Conclusion: To fix your Amazon fire tablet not charging issue you can replace your fire tablet’s charger or USB cable, You can reset your fire tablet or replace the fire tablet battery. For prolong use of fire tablets clean the ports frequently, don’t use while charging, and use a better USB cable.

For any query regarding Amazon fir tablet comment below. You can also check this post on how you can delete your Amazon account.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Fire Tablet Not Charging”

  1. My fire tablet only charges when totally off. The procedure is shut down normal, then turn it on . While it begins booting up force a shut down by holding on button til it shuts down. The power cord is attached during this. In about two hours turn it on and it should be 100%. You can check if you get a percentage increase after 10 or twenty minutes, but you will have to repeat to get 100%.

    • This is a common issue with fire tablet. I’ve faced the same problem you’ve mentioned on one of my older device with removable battery. The issue was related to battery. Because battery was not strong enough. I tried changing the battery but third party batteries are not reliable.

    • This seems like a problem with your usb cable or the port itself. In order to fix this problem you need to contact a technician. You can also try using any other charger and usb cable, see if that works or not.

  2. I had the same issue with my Amazon Fire tablet not charging. I found that if I held the power button down for about 5 seconds, it would start charging.


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