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Firestick Stuck on Firetv Logo/ Amazon Logo/ Loading Screen

Recently updated on January 24th, 2023 at 09:12 am

Some firestick users have reported that they are unable to get past the amazon fire tv logo. Their firestick is stuck on the amazon fire tv logo, loading screen.  One of my relatives faced the same issue with their firestick. So to fix this I contacted the amazon team and read some forums online. Finally, I was able to fix this problem. In this post I’m going to explain why is your firestick stuck on fire tv logo and what you can do to fix this problem.

Why is My Fire Stick Stuck on The Fire TV Stick Logo?

Your firestick can get stuck on the amazon logo/loading screen due to the reasons mentioned below.

  • Stored cache and corrupted data.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Pending update or during the update.
  • Damaged hdmi port.
  • Memory glitch.
  • Internal damage to the hardware.

How Do I Get Past Amazon Logo on Firestick? (Unresponsive Firestick Issue)

Restarting your firestick, using the original cable and adapter, or resetting your fire stick to factory settings can fix your firestick stuck on the Amazon logo or Fire TV logo. You can follow the detailed guide for troubleshooting this issue.

Wait for Sometime

If you’re stuck on the amazon logo/loading screen on your firestick, then the first thing you can do is wait for some time. In case you’re facing this issue due to a bug or something, then waiting for some time can automatically fix this issue. If your fire tv device or stick is stuck on amazon logo, then wait for 25-40 minutes. See if you’re able to get past the firestick logo or not. If not then you try the other fixes mentioned below.

Power Cycle Your Firestick/Restart Fire TV Device

If you’re stuck on the amazon logo or fire tv logo, then the power cycle of your firestick can help you in resolving this issue. To power cycle your firestick, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off your firestick and unplug it from the tv.
  2. Now remove the power adapter from the firestick and also from the wall outlet.
  3. Turn off your smart tv and remove it from the power outlet.
  4. Now, wait for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Turn on your tv.
  6. Now connect the firestick to tv and connect the firestick power adapter to the wall outlet.
  7. Turn it on.
Power Cycle Your firestick

Now you’ll be able to get past the loading amazon logo screen without any issue.

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Try Changing HDMI Ports

If your HDMI cable or port is damaged, then you can get stuck on the amazon logo. In such scenarios remove your firestick and connect it to the different hdmi port. Now check if firestick stuck on fire tv logo issue is fixed or not. If you’re using a splitter, HDMI hub then remove your firestick from them and connect it directly to the tv. If you are using an hdmi extender then remove it HDMI extender and connect your firestick directly to the tv. Now check if you’re able to get past the fire tv logo or not. If the issue is not fixed then you can try buying a new HDMI extender or use the firestick through a different HDMI port in case of a faulty HDMI port. Also, make sure you’re using a high-speed HDMI cable.

Change hdmi port firestick

Tips: Also make sure that your tv supports HDCP, if not then you can face such issues. Most of the modern TVs support HDCP, so if you’re using an old one then kidly verify this. 

Use the Original Firestick Power Cable and Adapter

If you are using a third party adapter or power cord, then your firestick can get stuck on amazon fire tv logo. This happens because the third party adapter and cord are not able to provide enough power for firestick to function properly. In this scenario try using the original amazon firestick’s power cable and charger to power the device. Now turn on your firestick and you’ll be able to fix the firestick stuck on the amazon logo issue. If the issue is resolved then try using the amazon firestick original charger and cable for powering your firestick.

use new firestick hdmi extender

Is Firestick Overheating?

You can stuck on the firestick log due to a firestick overheating issue. Your firestick can start disconnecting from the wifi, freezing, and becoming unresponsive due to overheating issues. If the firestick is overheating then follow the steps below.

  1. Remove the firestick from the tv and power outlet.
  2. Wait for 30 minutes or more.
  3. Once it’s cooled down connect the firestick to your tv and power.

Now check if the firestick stuck on the amazon logo is resolved or not.

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Reset Your Firestick

If you’re still unable to fix firestick unresponsive, and stuck on loading screen issue. Then resetting your firestick to its factory settings can help you. Reset will erase all the firestick data, after this, you’ll be able to use firestick without any issues.

  1. Press the right navigational button and back button simultaneously.
  2. Hold the buttons for 10 – 15 seconds.
  3. Now follow the instructions on the screen to reset your firestick to its factory default settings.

After reset, the setup completes the setup process. Now the firestick stuck on the fire tv logo will be fixed.

Contact Amazon Firestick Team

If you’re still unable to fix the firestick stuck on the loading screen, then try contacting the amazon team. Explain your issue, and they will help you in resolving this issue. If this post helped you then check our post on roku stuck on loading screen.

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