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If you want to share your amazon information about yourself. You can use the Amazon profile link so that your friends can see your reviews regarding the products and other services by Amazon. There are some simple steps on how to share your Amazon profile link. In this blog, we will guide you guys on how to share your Amazon profile link.

Is it Safe to Share Your Amazon Public Profile Link?

Yes it is completely safe to share your amazon profile link. We don’t think that sharing your amazon profile is unsafe because by default it will not share your personal information with others except your username.

How to Find Amazon Profile Link?

Well, you can easily locate your amazon profile link by accessing the account settings of your Amazon account. But if you’re unable to locate the option then, below we’ve mentioned the way step by step.

Steps to Find Amazon Public Profile Link

Follow the steps mentioned below. These steps will help you on how to share the Amazon profile link.

  1. Open the browser on your pc or laptop and go to and log in to your account by click on sign in from the top right corner of screen.
login to amazon
  1. Go to Account & List drop-down menu will appear, Now go to Your account.
click on your account
click on your account
  1. Scroll down and Locate Ordering and shopping preferences and click on Profile. Now your Profile page will open, go to the browser address bar and copy the URL.
click on your amazon profile
  1. Paste your copied URL in notepad or share your Amazon profile link to others.
amazon profile link
  1. On your Amazon profile page you’ll also get the option to get a public view of your Amazon profile on desktop browser by clicking on “See what others see“. To exit public view mode click “go to your private view

Can You Share Your Amazon Profile Link Through Amazon Mobile App?

One common question in many people mind is “if there is a way to share Amazon profile link through mobile”. I was one of them before writing this post. Currently, there is no way to share your Amazon public profile link on the mobile app, but you can get a public view of your profile on the mobile app. Through this option, you can get a view of how your profile looks on the mobile app of Amazon. You can also read our post how on view your Facebook profile as someone else

View Your Amazon Profile as Public on The Mobile App

Follow these steps below to view your Amazon profile as public on the app.

  1. Launch your Amazon app and log in to your account.
Login to amazon
  1. Now click on the three horizontal lines from the top left corner of the screen.
three horizontal lines
  1. Click on Your Account option.
click on your account
  1. Scroll down and in the Personalization section click on the profile
click on your profile
  1. From the top of the screen click on “See what others see”.
amazon profile public view
  1. Now you’re viewing your public profile. To exit you need to click on “Go to your private view”.
go to your private view
How Can I Personalize My Amazon Profile Link?

Sadly, there’s not a single option to personalize your amazon profile link until you have a seller account. Because on the seller account you can create a “friendly URL”.

Conclusion: You can easily share the Amazon profile link from the profile section in your account menu. Currently, there is no option to share your Amazon public profile link on the app. But, you can have a look at your public profile on the mobile app from the profile section.

If you’ve any query regarding your Amazon account comment below. You can also read our post on How to delete Amazon account in 2022.

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