Element TV Black Screen of Death

Are you encountering a black screen on Element Tv? Wondering how to fix this? Well, you have come to the right place; temporary glitches or bugs, broken backlight, TV’s damaged cables or faulty HDMI cables might be the reasons for the black screen. But it can be fixed by some troubleshooting steps. Here, in today’s post, we will explain the causes and fixes to resolve the Element Tv Black Screen.

What Does it Mean When Your Element TV Turns on But the Screen is Black?

If this is the case, it would mean that either your TV Power cable, HDMI cables, or wall outlet isn’t working properly. Apart from these, below are some probable reasons why your Element TV shows a black screen.

  • Temporary Bug or Glitch: It can be a temporary bug or glitch causing the Black screen.
  • Broken Backlight:  If the backlight of your element tv is damaged or has some issues, then it might be the reason for the black screen.

How Do You Fix a Black Screen on a Element TV?

Below, we’ve penned down some best working solutions/fixes that can help you fix the black screen on Element TV.

Restart Your Element TV

Let’s try fixing the black screen by restarting your Element TV. This will reboot your Tv and clear out the temporary bugs and glitches.

To perform a restart, follow the steps as given below;

  1. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds and plug the power cable back into the wall outlet.
  3. After that, turn on the Tv and check if this fixes the problem.

If this doesn’t work for you, try to unplug your TV for at least 5 minutes and check if this works for you.

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How Do I Fix a Black Screen on Roku Element TV?

If you’re encountering a black screen on your Roku Element TV, follow all the steps as instructed below;

  1. Press the Home button five times.
  2. Press the Up button once,
  3. Press the Rewind button twice,
  4. Lastly, press the Fast Forward button twice.
  5. Now, your Roku Tv will be restarted.

Hard Reset Your Element Roku TV

We’ve seen that Hard Reset resolves the Black screen issue in most cases. So, try to follow as instructed below;

  1. Unplug the Element Tv power cable from the wall outlet and press the power button(at the back of your Tv) for 30 seconds. This will drain the residual electricity from the Tv.
  2. Now, plug the Element Tv’s power cable back into the wall outlet.

Check if this resolves the Black screen issue and then move on to the next step.

Factory Reset Your Element TV

If the black screen is still here, performing the factory reset on your Element Tv might help you out. Also, many Element Tv users claimed that they managed to fix the Black screen by factory resetting their Element TV. Also, ensure that you have the backup of all your logins and files.

How do I reset my element TV without a remote?

It would be best to have a paperclip or sharp object for performing the factory reset.

  1. Locate the Reset button around your Element Tv.
  2. Now, press and hold the Reset button (using the paperclip) for 15 seconds or until your TV restarts.
  3. Once your Tv resets, check if this works for you.

Change the Batteries

If factory resetting the Element Tv fails to do the job, try to change the batteries of your TV remote. Some users managed to fix the issue by replacing the batteries of their TV’s remote. To do so, pull out the remote’s back lid, replace the old batteries with the new ones, and check if this fixes the black screen.

Check All The Cables

If the black screen persists, look around all the attached cables with your Element Tv. Check if the cables are frayed or damaged. If any then, replace the cables with the new one. Also, make sure that the power cable and HDMI cables aren’t loosely connected and, if any, connect the cables securely.

Change The HDMI Port

Corrupted or damaged HDMI ports can also lead your Tv to the Black screen issue. So, try to insert the HDMI cable to another port. May this resolve your problem. To do so,

  1. Go to the back panel of your TV and take out the HDMI cable.
  2. Now, insert the HDMI cable into another HDMI port.
  3. After that, press the Source button and select the HDMI source (if you’ve inserted the cable in HDMI 2, select the HDMI 2 source and press the Select button on your remote).

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Different Wall Outlet

It might be your Wall outlet that’s causing the issue; maybe the wall outlet isn’t receiving enough power to supply, and perhaps this is why your Tv is displaying the black screen. In this case, try to locate another wall outlet and plug the TV’s power cable into that wall outlet and check if this fixes the black screen error.

Faulty or Broken Backlight

If your Element Tv is still showing the black screen, some instances where broken or faulty backlight causes the issue. Maybe your TV’s backlight isn’t working, and perhaps it’s damaged or broken. To check this:

  1. Take a flashlight or turn on the phone’s flashlight and point it towards your Tv screen.
  2. Point the flashlight closely and check if there’s any image or picture on the screen of your Tv. If there’s any, then your backlight needs a replacement.
  3. Contact or visit your nearest service center for backlight replacement.
Contact Element TV Support

If nothing works for you, it’s time to contact element tv team for help. They’ll surely help you in resolving the issue. Also check our post on how to fix samsung tv no picture but sound issue.

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