chrome hardware acceleration

Chrome Hardware Acceleration

One of the best features of chrome is hardware acceleration. Chrome hardware acceleration will help you reduce the load on your CPU and ram. But, sometimes you might face issues in the graphic rendering on chrome browser. If you face such issues you can also disable hardware acceleration from the settings. In this post, we’re going to explain what is chrome hardware acceleration and how you can enable or disable it.

What is Chrome Hardware Acceleration?

In hardware acceleration, some of the load from the ram and CPU is transferred to GPU. GPU is also powerful and efficient at calculation and graphics-intensive tasks. Hardware acceleration in chrome also fixes chrome high memory usage. It also improves speed, stability and can help you in better media consumption on chrome. It will reduce the task from CPU so that it can handle other processes also. As we’ve already explained that chrome uses too much memory, in this case, hardware acceleration can reduce a lot of load from the RAM. If you have a low-end PC this option can be really helpful. But sometimes you might face some issue in rendering some graphics or web-pages in hardware acceleration mode. If you face such an issue you can easily disable it from the settings.

How You Can Enable and Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome?

Follow these steps below to enable hardware acceleration on your Google Chrome browser:

  1. Open your chrome browser and click on the three dots from the top right side of the screen.
google chrome settings options
  1. From the options click on settings.
chrome settings
  1. Now scroll down and click on the advanced option.
chrome advanced settings
  1. Scroll down and click on toggle next to “Use hardware acceleration when available”  to enable hardware acceleration on your chrome browser.
enable or disable chrome hardware acceleration

*To disable hardware acceleration just click on the toggle again to turn off the chrome hardware acceleration. After disabling this feature you need to relaunch your Chrome browser so that you can enjoy browsing on your browser without any graphical glitches.

How to Check if Hardware Acceleration is Off

To check whether or not hardware acceleration on chrome is disabled you need to visit chrome://gpu. On this page, if you see Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable next to every option it means that hardware acceleration is disabled. When hardware acceleration is active you’ll see hardware-accelerated next to almost every option.

chrome hardware acceleration

How to Enable Force Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes just enabling hardware acceleration doesn’t do the trick. In this scenario, you need to enable hardware acceleration forcefully for almost every option available in the graphics feature status page or here chrome://gpu. Follow the steps below to enable force hardware acceleration.

  1. Open Chrome browser and visit chrome://flags
  2. Now from the drop-down option enable “Override software rendering list” for force hardware acceleration
  3. From the bottom right side of the screen click on the relaunch button.
force hardware acceleration in chrome

To check if the hardware acceleration is enabled visit chrome://gpu/. You’ll see almost all the options in the graphic feature status is hardware accelerated. If it doesn’t work for you try updating your drivers to the latest version.

Hardware acceleration on google chrome android app

There are no advanced settings like the desktop browser on the chrome mobile app. You need to visit the chrome://flags page to enable hardware acceleration.

  1. Visit chrome://flags
  2. Now enable the “override software rendering list” on your chrome android app.
chrome hardware acceleration on mobile app
  1. Now tap on the relaunch option to see the effects of hardware acceleration on the chrome mobile app.
  2. You can also check if the hardware acceleration is active by visiting chrome://gpu on your mobile app. You’ll see almost every option is using hardware acceleration on your chrome app
chrome hardware acceleration on android

If you face any issue then visit chrome://flags and disable override software rendering list. This will disable hardware acceleration your chrome android app and fix the issue.

Conclusion: You can easily turn on or off hardware acceleration on chrome from the advanced settings of chrome. For hardware acceleration you have to visit chrome://flags and turn on the over-ride software rendering list this feature also work for chrome android application.

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