Change Your Spotify Password on Desktop and Mobile

Want to change your Spotify password? You’re at the right place, in this post we are going to explain to you how can change your Spotify password with these 4 simple methods. We’ve already explained to how to delete your Spotify account here.

Changing Spotify’s password frequently helps your keep your account safe and sound. So this is a really good thing to change your password after a while. Another thing is just like me you also forget your password to after sometime. And if you’re not using any password manager this can be a issue. In this scenario you need to either change or reset your Spotify password. You cannot change the Spotify password on the mobile desktop app, but you can reset on mobile app and desktop app. You can only change the Spotify password from your account settings with the help of a web browser. In this post we’re going to explain how you can change and reset your password and how to change or reset password of your Spotify account linked with Facebook.

Change Your Spotify Password With These Easy Steps

In this method, we assume that you’ve your Spotify password so that you can change your password from the setting. Follow the steps below to change the password on Spotify.

  1. Visit Spotify and from the top right corner of the screen click on the login
click on login
  1. Enter your username/email and password to Log in
spotify login page
  1. Click on Profile from the top right corner and the drop-down click on Account
click on account
  1. On the account overview page from the left side of the screen click on Change Password
click on change password
  1. On the change password page enter your current password and enter the new password that you want to have and re-enter the new password, then click on the set new password
set new password
  1. Now you’ll receive a notification above the current password stating “Password updated
password updated
  1. You’ll also receive a mail from the Spotify that your Spotify password has been changed
spotify password has been changed

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Reset Your Spotify Password

If in case you don’t remember your current Spotify password. You have an option to reset your Spotify password from the login page. Follow these steps to reset your Spotify password

  1. In your web browser visit – or click here to visit the password reset page.
  1. Enter your Spotify username or registered Email associated with your Spotify Account.
spotify password reset
  1. Now click on the green Send button
  1. You’ll receive a message that an instruction mail has been sent to your email address
spotify password reset mail sent
  1. Open your email and click on the mail received by Spotify with subject Reset your password
open spotify password reset mail
  1. Now click on reset password link
click on spotify password reset link
  1. On reset password page enter your new password re-enter your new password.
  2. Now solve I’m not a robot captcha and click on Send
reset spotify password
  1. You’ll receive a notification on the next page saying “Password Updated

Note: You cannot use your older password again.

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Reset Your Spotify Password on Mobile App

You cannot change the password from account settings in the mobile app. But there is another way to change your password on the mobile app. You’ve have reset password with the help of your Spotify mobile app. To reset Spotify password follow the steps below

  1. Open your Spotify app and tap on login
  2. On the login page tap on the log in without password.
  3. Enter your username or registered email address and click on the get link option.
  4. Check for the mail sent by Spotify for resetting your password. Open the mail and click on Go to Spotify button. (Link is valid for 4 hours only)
  5. Now tap on the create new password option.
  6. Enter the new password and tap on save.

So this is how you can change your Spotify password on a mobile app.

How to change or reset your Spotify password without a registered email address.

Spotify does not allow users to reset or change passwords without a registered email address. If you’ve lost access to your registered mail id, then try contacting the Spotify team. Explain your issue they might be able to help you in this situation.

If you receive an error that this email is not linked to any Spotify account, then try remembering your registered email id. You can also try your other email addresses to see which one is linked to your Spotify account. You can also try signing in with Facebook, maybe your Facebook account is linked to your Spotify account.

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How to Change Password of Spotify Account Linked with Facebook

If you’re logged in to Spotify account with your Facebook account and want to change your Spotify account password. Then you need to first identify the registered email address of your Facebook account. To check this follow the steps below.

  • In your Facebook account click on the downward arrow button next to the notification icon.
click on downward arrow
  • Now click on settings & privacy and again click on settings.
settings and privacy
  • On this page, you’ll find your registered email address next to the contact.

Now to reset your Spotify password by following the steps mentioned above in the post

You can also set the password of your Spotify account linked with Facebook from your account option. For this, you need to set a device password and login with the username provided by Spotify. Follow the stpes below to set Spotify device password

  1. Log in to your Spotify account with Facebook.
  2. From the top right side of the screen click on the profile picture and from the options click on account.
  3. Now from the left side of the screen click on set device password.
set spotify device password
  1. Now click on “send email to set password” green button. You’ll also find the username on this page.
set device password
  1. Now open your registered email and search for the mail you received for setting a device password.
  2. Open the email and click on the link for setting a new password.         
change password of spotify account linked with facebook
  1. Here enter your new secure password twice and click on the set device password button.
set new spotify device password

Now you can log in with this new username and password without using your Facebook account. You can check our post to change your auto-generated Spotify username.

Conclusion: You can easily change Spotify password by clicking on the password change option on the account overview page or you can request a password reset link by clicking on forgot password from the Spotify login page

If you’ve any query regarding Spotify kindly comment below, we’ll be glad to help you. Also check our post on how you can easily fix Spotify keeps pausing issue on your device.

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