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Blink Camera Picture Black and White

Recently we purchased a blink camera, but recently after installation we started getting the live feed in black and white. We did some research why the feed is displaying black and white. We found the reason why blink camera is black and white. In this post we’re going to share how to fix blink camera black and white and blink camera not working.

What causes the blink camera to black and white?

If your blink camera colour is not working, we’ve shared the reasons below why the blink camera is black and white.

  • The first reason is your blink camera is not getting sufficient light.
  • The second reason could be the area your camera is covering dark area.
  • If you turn on IR mode, it starts capturing images in black and white.
  • If the camera filter is not working properly, it can start showing black and white images.

If you understand the reason for blink camera in black and white, let’s fix this problem using a workable method.

How to fix the Blink camera black and white issue?

Check if IR mode is enabled.

When your blink camera IR mode is on, your camera will automatically start capturing all images in black and white. So it’s better to disable it or set it automatically. Follow the steps to disable IR mode.

  1. On the blink app, the home screen goes to the camera settings.
  2. Scroll down and find night vision.
  3. Turn the IR led off or set it to automatically.

Note: you can turn on the IR led mode automatically if the light is low such as at night.

Increase light condition

As we discussed already, in capturing the image, your camera requires enough light; otherwise, if the area surrounding the camera is poor or low light, then it can show you black or white. To resolve the lightning problem, try to increase the light of the camera area, or you can use night lamps and put a theme near the camera range.

Disable night vision mode

Some people turn on night vision to capture the image in the night so they can see the moving things in the dark. But you should remember that night vision always captures the image in black or white. To avoid this, you can turn off the night vision by going to the settings.

Try soft reset blink camera.

If you disable the night mode and you are still facing the black and white issue. Then this problem could be due to a temporary glitch in the camera, and you can fix this just by soft resetting the blink camera.

  1. Take out the battery.
  2. Wait for some time.
  3. Re-enter the battery.
  4. Check if the issue resolves.
How can I see clearly in the dark?

To See the object in the dark. You can change the intensity of the camera by going to the setting, so that you can also see things in the dark.

Why blink the camera showing grey?

If your internet connection is poor, you can see the objects in grey.

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