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Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion? Here’s The Fix!

Blink is a known home automation company acquired by Amazon. It produces battery-powered home security cameras at an affordable price, including some excellent features. However, you may encounter some issues with your Blink Camera. 

Like I encountered yesterday night, I found that Motion detection/recording on my blink camera is not working properly. I tried turning it off and on, but nothing changed. Later, I chatted with the experts, and luckily I managed to resolve the issue. 

Today, we’ll discuss how I managed to resolve the issue and what the other troubleshoots are to fix this issue. 

Why is my Blink Camera not detecting Motion?

There can be several reasons for the Blink camera not detecting Motion. It is a problem that happens when the;

  • Motion Detection feature/option is disabled,
  • Blink loses connection with mobile phone or internet
  • Energy-saving mode is enabled
  • Camera batteries go flat,
  • Or, the blink camera system isn’t armed.

How do I get my Blink Camera to detect mode?

If your Blink camera isn’t detecting Motion, then head to the Blink Camera app and enable the Motion Detection option. If it’s already enabled, try rebooting the Blink camera by removing the batteries for 30 seconds, and your Camera will start detecting the Motion again.

Ensure that Motion Detection is enabled

First of all, ensure to check that the motion detection feature is turned on. 

Keeping it disabled will prevent the Camera from recording any motions during the day and night. If it’s disabled, here’s how to turn it on;

How do I turn on motion recording on my Blink camera?
  • Launch the Blink application on your smartphone.
  • Now, tap on the Arm System button in the bottom right corner.
  • After that, wait for the Blink app to arm your system.

Doing this will automatically turn on the Motion Detection feature. If not, here’s another way to turn it on;

  • Open the Blink app and navigate to the Camera Settings.
  • Under Motion Detection, toggle the slider to the right next to Enable Motion Detection option.
  • At last, check if your Blink Camera starts recording the Motion. 

Soft Reset Blink

If Motion Detection is enabled and still not detecting any motions, try to perform a soft reset on your Blink camera and sync module.

  • Unplug the module from the power outlet and remove the batteries from the Blink Camera.
  • Now, wait for 10 seconds.
  • After that, plug the module back into the power outlet and place the batteries back into the compartment,
  • At last, power on the module and Camera to see if this fixes the issue.

Enable Motion Recording

The next thing you need to do is, check whether the Motion Recording option is enabled or not. If it is disabled, then enable it. To do so, follow the below-given steps;

  • Launch the Blink Camera app and head to the Camera Settings. 
  • Now, locate the Motion Recording option under the Motion Detection section.
  • After that, enable Motion Recording by toggling the slider to the right.

Lastly, check if this fixes the motion detection issue. 

Check the Wi-Fi connection

Blink Camera requires a stable, fast, and active Wi-Fi connection to work properly. If your Wi-Fi connection is having some issues, it can lead you to the “Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion” issue. 

To check this, try using other devices to see if they are receiving the proper connection. If they are working fine, there might be some connection issue with your Blink Camera. To resolve this, try resetting the Wi-Fi connection;

  • Turn off and unplug your router and modem from the wall outlet. 
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug them back into the wall outlet and wait until your Wi-Fi comes back online.
  • At last, connect your Blink Camera (if not connected automatically) and check if doing this resolves the issue.

If the issue persists, move on to the following step.

Remove the Batteries

Does your Blink camera use batteries to work? If so, there might be some possibility that the batteries went out of charge and needs to be replaced. 

  • Detach your Blink Camera from the wall mount.
  • Now, remove the back lid and take the batteries out of the compartment.
  • After that, place the new batteries, then close the back lid and attach your Blink camera to the wall outlet.

At last, power on your Blink Camera and check how Blink’s Motion Detection feature is working.

Connect Camera using USB

If the above steps don’t work, there’s another way to power your Blink Camera. There were instances where the Camera couldn’t receive the required charge from the batteries or power cable. And maybe the same goes with your case.

In this scenario, connecting the Blink Camera using a USB cable might resolve the issue. You can locate the USB port on the side/bottom of your Blink Camera. Once you connect your Camera with a USB cable, power it on and check if this makes any changes. 

Disable the Battery Saver option

Is your Blink Camera running on Battery Saver mode? If it is, then it is likely that your Camera’s motion detection feature is not working due to this reason. To fix this, you need to disable the Battery saving mode. 

Here’s how to turn it off;

  • Launch the Blink Camera app on your smartphone.
  • Now, head to Settings > Power > Energy/Battery Saving.
  • And, turn it off.

After disabling the Battery saving, head to the Battery Settings again and select, Power > Blink App > No Restrictions. Doing this will disable all the energy/battery saving options on the Camera and in the app.

Lastly, check if your Blink camera detecting and capturing the motions,

Place your Camera

Blink security cameras are designed to capture and record outdoor and indoor movements. You cannot place an outdoor security camera inside your house; the same goes for indoor cameras. Both types of cameras are specifically designed. 

Another thing to ensure you shouldn’t place the Camera facing out of the window or other glass area/surface. A window or glass that transmits heat will interfere with the Camera’s ability to detect motion accurately.

Reset Blink Camera

If your Blink camera is still not detecting any motions, then try hard resetting your Blink Camera. You can find the reset button on the side or bottom of your Camera. 

Here’s how to hard reset the Blink camera;

  • Take a narrow object (use the top of the toothpick), press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds or until the red light turns to green and blue lights.
  • It will take a while to complete the reset process. Once done, set up your Camera and check whether this fixes the issue or not. 
Contact Blink Support

It seems like the steps and methods that we’ve instructed above fail to help you. In this case, we suggest you contact Blink customer support. 

Blink customer support is available 24*7. You can contact them via email support or 1 833-392-5465 (toll-free number).

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