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Blink Camera Blinking Green

Recently updated on September 12th, 2022 at 03:41 am

Does your Blink’s camera LED blinking green? And, the camera just stopped working. The blinking green light indicates that your camera is connected to the network with no internet connection. If you were wondering how to fix this and make your blink work back as before. Well, in this post, we will guide you on how to fix this issue.

We’ve gathered and penned down some probable causes behind why your blink camera is blinking green light.

  • Internet outage: This can be the reason why you’re getting the blinking green light. The internet is the one that makes your blink camera work, and if the internet stops working or has some connectivity issue, then it makes your camera go offline.
  • Blink servers: Another reason for blinking green light is that if Blink servers are down, you might face this issue.
  • Weak Signals Strength: There are instances that you’re encountering blinking green light because your Blink camera isn’t getting the required signals. In this case, moving the camera and router closer can help you.

Here’re the steps that will surely help you overcome the issue, so follow them as instructed.

Blink Outage

If you’re still experiencing the issue then, try to check if it is a global outage or you’re the one who is facing the problem with the Blink camera. You can visit downdetector or isitdownrightnow to check the server status of Blink. In the meantime, try to check the server status of AWS because Blink is a subsidiary of Amazon. Earlier, some users also reported that whenever AWS servers went down, they had issues, and that’s why there are some instances of getting this error.

If this is the scenario, wait until Blink fixes it.

If it’s a temporary bug or issue, it can be fixed by power cycling the blink camera. To do so;

  1. Remove the back lid of the Blink camera and remove the batteries for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Now, insert the batteries back to their places.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds and turn on the camera to check if the green light blinking issue is fixed or not.

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Verify Communication Signals

Ensure that your blink camera is receiving a good signal (at least 3 bars) of internet network connectivity; your camera needs at least 3 bars of the network to avoid performance-related issues.

Another thing to check is that your Blink camera is using these two types of signals for communication;

  1. Low-Frequency Radio (LFR) is the signal that your blink cameras share with the sync module.
  2. Wi-Fi – If you changed the router frequency to 5GHz, then change it to 2.4GHz asap. Blink cameras communicate only on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

After that, go to the camera settings, navigate to the Status section, and tap on the Update.

Verify Your Internet is Working Properly

If your internet isn’t working or running slow, it might be the reason for the blinking green light. In this case, you need to check your internet. To do so, open a website or try to play some online videos on your smartphone/laptop, and if the website loads and videos are playing without buffering, your Blink camera has some issue.

And, if you’re encountering internet issues on your smartphone/laptop, too, then move on to the next step.

Reboot the Router

If you’re getting the internet problem on other devices too and still your blink camera is blinking the green light, then rebooting the router might fix the issue. Before rebooting the router, ensure that your sync module and router are close enough. And, also make sure that Blink cameras are upto 100 feet away from the sync module.

 To reboot the router, follow the steps as instructed;

  1. Turn off and unplug the router’s power adapter from the wall socket.
  2. Now, wait for a minute(60 seconds).
  3. After that, plug the router’s power adapter back in the wall socket and turn on the router.
  4. Now, check if this works for you.
reboot your router

Move the Camera Closer to the Router

As we stated, Weak signals might be the reason for blinking green light. If Camera to Wi-Fi signals is showing 1 bar then,

  1. After rebooting the router, move your Blink camera closer to the router.
  2. After that, go-to camera settings, navigate to the Status, and tap on the Update button. Check if this works and if not then,
  3. Move your Blink camera close to the router and tap on Update again. Repeat the step until you see 3 bars of Wi-Fi signals beside the Camera to Wi-Fi option.

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If nothing works for you, here’s the last method that might fix the blinking green light. Resetting the Blink camera will reset all the settings of your blink camera to its factory settings. Also, users stated that they managed to fix this issue by resetting their Blink camera to its default factory settings.

To do so; You need a sharp pinned object (paperclip, screwdriver, etc.)

  1. Remove the back lid of the camera locate the reset button (usually, you’ll find the reset button near the batteries).
  2. Now, press the reset button (using the sharp object) for at least 15 seconds or until you see the flashing red light.
  3. A flashing red light indicates that your camera is completely reset.
  4. At last, connect your Blink camera to the Sync Module and check if this fixes the issue.
Buy New Blink Camera and Alternates

If the blink camera is showing green light again and again after the fix. Then you can try buying new blink camera. Or you can also opt for other blink camera model other then the one you are using right now. You can also give a shot to arlo security camera, they also do a great job.

It seems like you’re still with the blinking green light, and none of the above solutions has helped. Well, it’s time to contact Blink customer support or visit here and select the technical support and submit your concern. You’ll get the response from Blink support staff asap. Also don’t forget to check our post on how to fix roku stick overheating problem.

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